Review: Doc Johnson Mood Naughty, Small

Tell Me How You Really Feel
The Doc Johnson Mood Naughty small has a few shortcomings, but for the material, the price and the butt plug 101 experience, it’s fantastic. Also, it makes a cute cat face.

Silicone (so they say… *cue x-files intro*)
Black or pink color options
3″ insertable length
3/4” largest diameter
2” base

The Good, the Bad, and the New Possibilities
I saw a review of this plug a while back claiming that it was not actually pure silicone, but a TPE silicone instead. So I did some Googling, and I can’t find any place that mentions any material besides silicone except an Amazon listing that claims the shaft to be TPE Silicone and the base to be ABS… even though ABS is a rigid plastic and this base is flexible…hm. Just to be sure, I did a flame test on the base and it passed! Party on Wayne. There is still a chance this is a silicone mix, especially because Doc Johnson uses TPE and other non-silicone materials in their toys, and with the nonexistent regulation of what constitutes “silicone,” who knows. I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt because it feels, cleans, and smells (or rather, doesn’t smell) like silicone, but if you’re looking for a 100% Pure [Premium Platinum MEGA ULTRA!] Silicone butt plug, go with a company you trust only uses the highest quality silicone.

Onward! When I clean the Mood Naughty, I just use a little bit of soap and water, but you can boil it, soak it in a bleach solution, use toy cleaner, or put it in the dishwasher… if you have a mini dishwasher rack for mini sex toys. As for lubricant, it’s safest to use non-silicone based lube, although you can certainly do a test patch and see how it reacts.

This silicone has a matte finish (something about matte black toys… yes please). But it does collects a freakish, chia-pet-esque amount of dust. It also means that the surface has some drag [Shantay, you stay! …but only if you brought the lube].

The Naughty is made of a harder silicone, which I think works well for such a small plug. Case in point: the jelly disgrace masquerading as a butt plug that I used when I was first exploring anal and the dramatic saga of actually getting it in my butt because of how malleable it was.

The size and shape of the Naughty small is perfect for me: someone who had never has anything more than a finger in my butt. It’s about the size of my thumb and is tapered to a size equivalent to the tip of my pinky. The only thing that makes it hard to insert is that the thinnest part of the plug, just above the base, has a tendency to bend so you have to be a little persistent. Although, once it’s in, the teardrop-on-a-stick shape does a great job of making sure it doesn’t pop out *side-eyes the memories of my first anal plug*.

The Naughty has a thin, flexible base that makes it comfortable to wear, even for an extended amount of time. But if only this base was like half a millimeter shorter! As is, it makes a little bridge over my perineum to the opening of my vagina, which gets weird when inserting anything vaginally because it’ll rub against the base of the Naughty like two grasshopper legs. This problem might be more prominent depending on your genitals or whether you’re using it with a partner, but it might not be a problem at all depending on your anatomy. It doesn’t feel awful, but I could definitely do without it.

On the other hand, a big plus of the Naughty small is that it also comes in a medium and a large size. And the Doc Johnson Mood line has two other anal plug shapes as well, and all come in similar size variations. This makes it really easy to work your way up and discover what shapes you like best. It would be nice if there was an option to bundle three of them together for a slightly reduced price [hint hint]. Speaking of price though, all the anal plugs in the Mood line are very reasonably priced (between $10-20).

So, after my bout of anal skepticism, I am very glad to have given this plug a try. If you asked me a year ago, I would have told you that anal was “not my thing.” Direct quote from my mouth. Note to past self: It’s not you, it’s that crappy butt plug!!! So, to anyone who is new and maybe a little intimidated by anal play [that was me], the Doc Johnson Mood Naughty small is a good introduction.

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