Sex Blogging Superhero

If you enjoy my blog and want to see it grow, you should show me some love by voting for me in’s 2014 Sex Blogging Superheroes contest. Just go here and click the button [no sign-up required].

You could also think of voting as a baby blogiversary present for me because October marks ONE YEAR since I first started this blog! So thank you for reading/ following/ subscribing/ supporting me, I have a lot planned for this next year.

*twirls glitter phaser into holster, throws back towel-cape, and frolics proudly into the night*

4 thoughts on “Sex Blogging Superhero

  1. Is that a pink glitter Wahl? Was it a DIY type of thing? (Oh my gosh that’s like a lesbian stereotype in the most amusing way. And now I wanna see a group of femmes sparkle-fying sex toys lmao). I have never seen such a glorious thing. I’m ridiculously impressed. And vaguely turned on (pink sparkles is a turn on, am I right?). Also I’m kinda in awe of your awesomeness. Best photo ever.

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