Review: Vixen Nexus Sr.

Tell Me How You Really Feel
I like the Vixen Nexus Sr. up until the point of using it for its intended purpose: fucking. I enjoy wearing it in my harness, feeling it bob a little inside me as as I move, looking down at its proud erectness and admiring its swirling sparkly indigo color, thinking, “what a pretty cock.” But somehow, when the situation of sex is introduced, the Nexus turns into a tool of clitoral destruction and frontal wedgies. And yet, I still can’t write it off.

The Basics

Material: 100% silicone
Straight end
Insertable length: 6″
Diameter: 1.5″
Curved end

Insertable length: 5.25″
Diameter: 1.25″
Center height: 2.75″

The Good, The Bad, And The Possibilities
The Nexus looks like two dildos frankensteined together at their bases to form an “L” shape: one end is smaller and curved with subtle ridges while the other is larger, straight, and textureless, both with phallic-shaped heads. Vixen also makes a slightly smaller version of the Nexus Sr, aptly named the Nexus Jr.

Although the Nexus is sometimes categorized as a “strapless strapon,” Vixen specifies that it’s meant to be used with a harness… doesn’t mean my partner and I didn’t, at least, try to defy the laws of gravity and lubrication. And I came to the conclusion that Vixen’s prescription is for the best, because my cervix would need tractor-beam-like super powers to make this a strapless toy. Some reviews I’ve read say it is possible though, so kudos and a gold plated dildo trophy to those people who can effectively fuck using the Nexus without any assistance, but me and my partner are not on that Jedi vagina-force level.

My favorite thing about wearing the Nexus is that it stands tall and has a nice amount of “boing” to it [a video of said bounciness here] that transfers into my body, which feels good when I’m just walking around or rhythmically air humping as one tends to do. I just wish that was carried over into banging, like a dildo see-saw of sort. But that’s a dreamily idealized concept that didn’t work out for me or my partner in practice.

Both of us tried the Nexus vaginally, giving and receiving. We wore it in a cotton, jock-style harness with the smaller end inside the “wearer” and the larger inside the receiver.

Sadly, when I was the Nexus-bearer, thrusting in any position pushed the franken-base [aka that center divider] into my pubic mound and clitoris as if seeking premature revenge for the things I’m saying about it now. On top of that, the Nexus kept shifting into really uncomfortable positions, à la super crotch wedgie. Even when I crossed the straps of my harness to swaddle the Nexus inside me, it still shifted out of place. On top of that, my partner  informed me that my cock was sub-par anyhow: too smooth and thin to be satisfying… even if I wasn’t stopping every few minutes to readjust and save my clit from falling off.

When we switched though, I had to agree with her dick critique: the Nexus’ larger end is still too small and textureless for me. In certain positions, it would graze my g-spot, but never enough to be satisfying. Luckily, my partner didn’t have the clit-attack problem though: she reports that the Nexus was comfortable when it didn’t feel like it was falling out of her. But I’m thinking that a sturdier leather/ faux-leather harness would help with that.

When it comes down to it though, the Nexus is really just an “L” shaped, bi-phallic, hunk of silicone that you can use however you want/ is best for you and your partner(s). And since the Nexus didn’t work for me in the way I had hoped it would, I came up with some alternative ways to utilize the Nexus [sexually that is, because FYI it makes fantastic floppy nunchucks when pretending to be the next karate kid]:

1. Go-go-gadget reversible dildo
While writing about my uncomfortable experience with the Nexus, I had an epiphany: “what if I… TURN IT AROUND!?” *brain explodes* I just assumed the smaller curved end was supposed to be inside the wearer, but the Nexus fits my body much more comfortably with the larger end inside me. This makes for a smaller outer cock, but depending on the partner and orifice, that might be perfect (especially if you consider that the smaller end is curved so it more-easily reaches the g-spot or p-spot)!

2. Suck and blow… and thrust and slide and grind…
For those who like to give or receive dildo-centric blow jobs, the Nexus allows the person doing said job better control of the sensations felt by the wearer from moving and grinding the Nexus where the other likes. Few harness-compatible dildos provide stimulation to the wearer, especially internally, and especially especially when we’re talking about fellatio, so this is pretty rad. It would be a masterful feet to full-out fuck and fillate at the same time (although I don’t doubt anyone’s abilities- dream big!) but just the subtle movements of the Nexus can be extremely arousing.

3. “Kelly, can you handle this? Michelle, can you handle this? Beyonce, can you handle this? I don’t think you can handle this!” [handles… approved by Destiny’s Child]
If you’ve read my Ursa review, you know how exceptionally excited I get about handles on sex toys, and when you think about it, the Nexus has two dildos and therefor… TWO HANDLES! Plus the center ridge makes both ends anal safe. The Nexus’ silicone is pretty flexible so it’s not as ideal as a rigid handle, but it certainly still helps to extend reach and reduce strain on the wrists.

Closing Statement
Sometimes I put the Nexus on just to hang out around my apartment because it really is fun to wear, I just wish I felt that way whilst fucking. A lot of people will love the way the Nexus hits their clit or find that it doesn’t give them a crotch wedgie or enjoy its smooth shape, but I’m holding out that there’s a better double dildo for me.

A huge thank you to Good Vibrations who sent me the Vixen Nexus Sr. free of charge in exchange for an honest review.

7 thoughts on “Review: Vixen Nexus Sr.

  1. Where I’ve found the Nexus’ to really shine is “scissoring”. I’ve never found them very ergonomic for outright fucking, but they do a damn fine job if you wanna put things inside the both of you and sorta writhe/grind your nethers together. Provided your bodies are shaped such as that is possible. I remember when the Nexus was new and it was a fucking big ass deal. That’s back in the days of the Terra Firma harnesses (I think they still exist but you NEVER hear about them anymore) and when Babeland was still Toys In Babeland. I’m both surprised and not at all surprised that the Nexus’ haven’t been updated by now. That’s Vixen for ya.

    • I was thinking that- I could see this working well for mutual grinding business far better than harness play. I was going to include it on my list but haven’t tried it so I’m glad someone has and can vouch for it! Yeah, I was surprised because I read a lot of positive reviews and when I tried it, I was just like… “this is it?” Sad, because it could really be improved on.

  2. Hey – thanks for writing the review. Although at first appearances most people would probably think that this sex toy is too difficult to use, but after you get used to it it’s actually very easy. It fits almost perfectly in most harnesses and does it’s job really well. Thumbs up on this one from me.

    • Thanks so much! I wish it worked so well for me, but I always find interesting ways to use hunks of pretty silicone and I’m glad I tried it!

  3. The angle on the base of the wearer side looks too steep and should be flattened out – just my opinion, but that’s how I would design it. Of course I’m always on the receiving end (for obvious reasons) when something like this is used in our love making but I love good design. This doesn’t look like it was given as much thought / testing as ought to be put into creating the best product they could.

    I did appreciate the comment about dildo blow jobs that is something often left out of reviews.

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