Review: Shilo Pack and Play Dildo by NY Toy Collective

Tell Me How You Really Feel
If my entire toy collection was threatened with being vaporized or shoved into a wood chipper or lost in another toypocalypse and I could only save three things, my current love affair with the Shilo by New York Toy Collective puts it well within the “oh, hell yes” category.

The Basics
Material: Platinum silicone, metal core
Color: Blue and yellow (just one of TEN colors including 4 skin tones)
Total Length: 7″
Insertable Length: 6.5″
Shaft Diameter: 1.5″
Head Diameter: 1.75″
Base Diameter: 3″

The Good, The Bad, and The Dildo To Write Home About
The Shilo is a realistic dildo made of squishy silicone with a posable core that puts it at the center of a “pack” and “bang” dick ven diagram. The Shilo’s shaft has nicely modeled veins that are noticeable but not overly exaggerated, and the surface of the silicone has a micro-texture like the pattern of skin when you look closely. The base is wide and made of harder silicone, making it anal safe and sturdy in a harness. Plus, on a shower-masturbation whim, I discovered that the base of mine is a very successful suction cup… I literally looked down, mid-ride, and commended the Shilo on its radiating awesomeness. A round of applause! 

Another feature, one that needs elaboration because of the mass orgasms it’s provided me, is the Shilo’s prominent head. If you’ve read my other reviews, you know that my pubic bone is like a crotchety old person yelling at kids to stay off their lawn. The Shilo defies this effect with its prominent yet super squishy head, hitting my g-spot while also painlessly slipping past my pubic bone.

Then there’s the Shilo’s bendy abilities, which allow it to flex in any direction including down into your pants for easy packing. The Shilo is not the first nor the only “pack-and-play” dildo, and it’s currently the only one I’ve tried, but I am thoroughly impressed and excited by how well it does both.


The Shilo is much easier and more comfortable than I imagined a hunk of silicone tucked in my pants would be. Like a soft packer, there are many ways you can pack the Shilo that offer varying levels of discretion, comfort, and security, but the Shilo’s core makes it less malleable than a soft packer, so you have to do some playing around to find the right fit.

To test the Shilo, I pulled out most of the clothes that go on my lower half and pranced around my living room trying on each. Find a video of said packing fashion show along with my thoughts and tips on packing with the Shilo in the second part of this review here. It includes a lot of sassy hip popping, sparkly word animation, and me repeatedly taking my pants off so you should stick around to see that.


The ability of one dildo to work both for packing and penetration is a dreamy concept, but the Shilo does a fan-fucking-tastic job in practice too. I’m going to keep it at that because my enthusiasm for the Shilo’s bendy qualities with undoubtedly elevate to infomercial spokesperson status and I’ll start using words like “miraculous” and “amazing” in all caps.

Unlike most dildos, which hold one shape from base to head, making it difficult to maneuver/ change sexual positions, the Shilo bends with your bodies so there are no “pop out” moment, AKA when a dildo escapes from the body in a springing motion, usually accompanied by an obnoxious “BOY-YOI-YOING” sound effect. [Pro tip: The Shilo’s bendiness also makes it great for helicoptering.]

A downside to this flexi-cock is that although you can pose the Shilo how you want (i.e. curving it to hit the g/p-spot), it doesn’t keep that shape when inside the body. Instead, it conforms to whatever orifice is surrounding it, so it’s not great if you need more directional stimulation.

That is one of the reasons my partner described the feeling of the Shilo as “nothing to write home about,” and despite the “SHILO 4EVER” tattoo on my ass, I had to lower my sassily raised eyebrow because I can see how some people will find the Shilo underwhelming. The moderate size, minimal texture, and squishy exterior are likely not enough for people who need more girth/length/texture/rigidity. Even for me, the Shilo can leave something to be desired when I’m really aroused and my vaginal canal has expanded. Although, if you dig the Shilo’s concept and construction, NY Toy Collective has covered their bases with the Mason for people who want more length and the Carter for those who want more girth.

None of those reasons change how MIRACULOUS and AMAZING *cue live studio audience “ooo”s and “ahhhh”s* the Shilo is for me, so since my partner won’t, I will:


Dear home,

I’m writing to you about the Shilo by New York Toy Collective.
It’s rad as fuck.
But really.


If You Read Nothing Else
From the bottom of my harness, I can’t recommend the Shilo enough. I enjoy using it for packing and partner play as well as getting off alone. It’s soft silicone is so comfortable inside me and the Shilo’s prominent coronal ridge is BFFs with my g-spot. If you like larger/highly textured toys or need more rigidity to target certain areas, the Shilo likely isn’t for you. If that’s not the case, and you want a kick-ass dildo that looks fantastic in pants and performs just as well out of pants, I whole-heartedly recommend the Shilo.

See the Shilo in action in the second part of this review.

A massive thank you to SheVibe who sent me the Shilo to review free of charge in exchange for an unbiased and honest review.


7 thoughts on “Review: Shilo Pack and Play Dildo by NY Toy Collective

  1. YES! I love the Shilo, and I’m super jealous that you got one of the colorful ones, they’re SO pretty! My only complaint was that it didn’t have enough girth, but then they released Carter which I now desperately need to get my hands on. Can’t wait to see the video, the toy looks really cute on you 🙂

    • Right!? It’s great. And the color is gorgeous, like a neon mermaid cock. But I’m with you, I’m dreaming about the Carter! I’d definitely break my no skin tone streak for it. And thank you, I’m so excited and nervous to post it!

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  3. Well, you’ve convinced me. I hadn’t ever found a pack and play dildo that I liked, but I’m now desperately coveting one of these (along with that harness, which I somehow hadn’t seen yet, but has rocketed to the top of my wishlist!). And that colour is glorious.

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