Review: KinkyVegan Wrist Cuffs

9/23/16: Sadly, KinkyVegan is on an extended hiatus. I will update this post when they return. Until then, this list has more vegan bondage options.

Tell Me How You Really Feel
These cuffs from KinkyVegan have achieved the elusive vegan product trifecta: well made, good looking, and not infuriatingly priced. On top of that, they’re made from this mastermind material that looks like leather but is really a robot that performs better than leather… minus the robot part.

The Basics
Material: Lorica
Length: 11″
Width: 1.75″
Fit: 5-8″ and these fit up to 10.6″
Included: 2 cuffs, 1 double snap hook
Price: $33

The Good, The Bad, and a Pair In Pink Please
I’m used to being disappointed by a lot of “faux leather” products: they either look/feel like the overtly pleather jacket I rocked in elementary school, turn into one giant scuff mark, fall apart over the course of a few months, or all of the above. Thankfully, the variety and quality of vegan leather options is getting better, but in a community that has so much leather-based history and industry, it’s difficult to find attractive, quality, Kink gear made from imitation leather [Google search of the day: faux-leather daddy]. There are a lot of fabric, rope, and rubber restraint options, but few things for people who want the properties of leather, without the actual leather.

That’s why I give kudos to Martin, the owner of KinkyVegan, for making products (cuffs, collars, harnesses, impact toys, etc.) out of a microfiber material called Lorica. When I looked into it, I found myself in a lot of car and bike racing forums because Lorica is predominantly used to make protective athletic gear and automotive/boat interiors. It was manufactured to look like leather (down to the creasy skin texture and suede-like backing) but be lighter, more flexible, waterproof, breathable, and resistant to tearing and abrasion. Basically, Lorica is a badass textile that has the potential for some fantastic Kink gear. Exhibit A: these cuffs.

Firstly, cuffs are a beautiful thing, because they’re restraints-made-easy, which is necessary if I ever expect to earn my bondage-scout badge [might I reference the bondage tape throwing incident and the inability to use rope anywhere near my cat]. And aside from the superhero material, these cuffs are constructed similarly to most others, with a buckle closure [these are non-locking], adjustable strap, and a D-ring on each to hook them wherever you can think to hook things.One of my pet peeves when it comes to bondage wear is flimsy hardware, so I was happy to find that these rings, buckles and hook are all made of solid, heavy metal. Adding to their durability, the strap is made of a double layer of Lorica, which feels sturdy but not bulky. On top of that good stuff, they’re comfortable too: the interior is soft and they flex with the body so they don’t pinch or dig in around the edges. I feel like I’m just casually checking off all my requirements for perfect cuffs here… yeah, pretty much.

Of course they’re easy to clean then, just use a damp rag to wipe down both sides. Apparently, you can also run them through the washing machine if, unlike me, you haven’t been forsaken by evil washers that destroy things you love. Also, to add to the legend of Lorica, it’s stain resistant too. I’m not sure if there are limits to the anti-stain powers [e.g. blood, urine, grape juice baths] but I’ve confirmed its compatibility with lube, vaginal fluid, and marinara sauce (the essentials, of course).

Sadly, these cuffs are only available in black, so my pastel bondage dream cloud is slightly deflated, but they still look good hanging on my living room wall [project: convenient Kink decor].

If You Read Nothing Else
Often, I find myself more in love with the thought of a product than the actual product, and I was afraid that by thinking I found these glorious faux leather cuffs that I’d be disappointed by them, but other than wanting them in a shade of pink to match my spanked ass, I am happy to be able to recommend these to people looking for durable, comfortable, quality bondage cuffs… especially those who know the struggle of unsuccessfully sorting through pages/aisles of mass market Kink gear.

A huge thank you to Martin at KinkyVegan for sending me these cuffs free of charge in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.




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