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purple silicone vibrator on yellow pillowTell Me How You Really Feel
I had high aspirations for the Tantus Panty Play: this would be a top drawer toy, a staple for strap-on play, hands-free orgasms galore! It’s sad how dreams work sometimes though- good in my mind, but not so great pressed against my vulva.

measurements for Tantus Panty Play vibratorThe Basics
Material: Silicone
Vibrator Functions: 3 speeds
(two steady, one pattern)
Length (including bullet vibe): 5.5″
Length (w/o bullet vibe): 5″
Total Height: 2″

The Good, The Bad, And The “Am I Wearing This Correctly?”
The Panty Play is a silicone vibrator intended to spoon the vulva so it can be worn in underwear or beneath clothes for a portable “LOOK, NO HANDS!” experience. It comes with a 3-speed waterproof bullet vibe. Like all Tantus bullets, it’s moderately strong and the vibrations travel through the silicone well. If you need a lot of power, it likely isn’t enough though. The Panty Play stays in place surprisingly well even when moving around, and it flexes with the curves of the body [vulva spooning achieved!], which makes it comfortable to wear. However, the Panty Play is not a stealth machine: the bullet vibe makes it look like I have a bionic super-clit, which is cool, but highly noticeable in underwear and tight fitting pants. This means it’s not the most discreet panty vibe if you’re looking for something to wear out.

Panty Play vibrator under clothes

I first need to thank the Panty Play for reassuring me of my dedication, patience, and clitoral perseverance. The first time I tried the Panty Play was the longest and hardest I’ve ever worked to orgasm with a vibrator. I should have known this was not going to be my toy: consistent clitoral stimulation never gets me off. My clit catches on after a few seconds of holding a vibe in one place like, β€œI see you there, you think it’s that easy but NAH, you’re going to have to work for this.” Even after wearing it for an hour and a half (trying both the original bullet and the more powerful We-Vibe Tango), the only way I was able to orgasm was by finally saying, “fuck it,” removing the Panty Play from my underwear completely and using the narrow end to stroke my clit. I partially consider this cheating, but I was desperate after over an hour of trying every activity and position I could think of: sitting, standing, walking, squatting, eating leftover Chipotle, vigorously dancing, pacing, deep lunges… Nothing. Worked.

purple Panty Play vibrator on lace underwear

I was excited by the Panty Play for a specific reason though, strap-on sex. Some harnesses like those from SpareParts have a tiny pocket or two inside the front panel to hold a bullet vibe, but they mostly vibrate the cock or act as added stimulation where you and your partner’s bodies make contact. So, to have something I can slip into the crotch of my underwear/ harness while fucking sounds fantastic.Tantus Panty Play vibrator bullet hole
There are other wearable external vibes that are remote and app controlled, but I’m just going to call this what I was hoping it to be– a Tango holder. The We-Vibe Tango is my main squeeze vibrator and I’m always looking for more ways to incorporate it… even when it’s not there, I see it as an encouraging and helpful sex mascot in my mind like the Microsoft Word Paperclip of orgasms. So, as I imagined it, the Panty Play would be a smooth silicone Tango-sheath, contoured to my clit so I could orgasm whilst fucking [livin’ the dream!]. No such luck though.

Most of my incompatibility with the Panty Play has to do with shape. The large ridge down the center is intended to rest against the clitoris. This bump does a good job of generally stimulating my clit and inner labia while the narrow β€œtip” rests against my perineum. This is all pleasurable, but ends up feeling like white noise encasing my vulva. However, when I turn it around so the ridge is resting at my vaginal entrance and the narrow area extends forward, it’s much more effective at stimulating my clit, but lacks the vulva-hugging quality that keeps it in place.

Due to my very particular vulva, using it for strap-on play didn’t do much to help me orgasm. The added movement of thrusting varied the sensations, which was enjoyable, but I still felt numb after a while of such broad vibrations. Eventually, the combination of vaginal fluids, crotch sweat, and movement overthrew the Panty Play and it would no longer stay in place. Sadly, I had to admit defeat.

If You Read Nothing Else
I appreciate the Panty Play. It’s a thoughtfully designed, wearable, external vibrator, but it doesn’t work for my body. I much prefer it as a smooth silicone jacket for a bullet vibe to create a different shape and sensation during traditional hands-on use (similar to Tantus’ “Little Secrets” line). The narrow end has a flexible, finger-like quality that feels great, but whenever I use the Panty Play for it’s suggested purpose, I end up frustrated or bored. I suggest this vibe if you want a great quality (and you definitely do) but inexpensive wearable vibrator, and you’re into broader external vibrations but don’t need a lot of movement to accompany them.

You can check out the Panty Play at Tantus or SheVibe.

A huge thank you to Tantus for sending me the Panty Play in exchange for an honest and unbiased review!

8 thoughts on “Review: Tantus Panty Play

  1. You say you were using it bullet facing out? Looking at the shape I just assumed the pointed tip would go up at the clit.

    • Same, that’s how I felt and what was more comfortable for me (the tip extending over my clit), but it’s explained in the descriptions I’ve read as using the ridge for clitoral stimulation. Technically, there’s no wrong direction to use it though because it’s a hunk of silicone, which is pretty great.

  2. Well it seems like a good idea on paper. Shame it doesn’t hit the spot for you. The more I play with vibration, the more I realize that moving the vibration around is extremely important. Your nerves will stop responding as strongly after they are introduced to the same stimulus for a certain amount of time, the same way you may notice a smell when you first walk into a space but don’t smell it after some time as passed.

    I think the idea of a toy like this is cool and maybe it works for some, but I can definitely see how it could fail many others. Reminds me a lot of rabbit vibes in that way.

    • Exactly how I feel and a good way of describing it! I can see others loving, especially when walking or rocking their hips, but it was definitely not enough for me.

  3. I’m still laughing with glee at the comparison of the Tango to the MS Paperclip. Lol.

    I’ve been curious about this one too, especially for strap on sex. May still have to give it a try because I do not ever move my vibes. I’m more of a hold the vibrator in place and hump/grind against it type. And in that sense having a vibe at my clit and thrusting a strap on, that could work deliciously. Maybe. Also a can of broad stimulation too…. But the shape of this is what keeps making me go “hmm?” I’m not sure the ridge looks comfortable. I mean eh tantus silicone so its probably not as bad as I’m thinking but my clit doesn’t like anything too pinpoint personally and I feel like that might bug me… But maybe not? I often use wand toys over my outer labia and getting off with my or a partners hand, I’m often in favor of keeping it indirect like that. Depends on my mood but it starts go irritate my clit after awhile no matter how much lube and whether it’s a finger or vibe or whatever. But precisely because of that, I can if I’m worked up enough and the pace and placement is right, get off wearing a strap on in general. It’s broad, indirect, I get to move my hips. I joke sometimes that my childhood masturbation technique of laying on my belly grinding against my hand or an object was one of the most obvious early signs I was a lesbian or that it sure prepared me well for lesbian sex. πŸ˜› Tribbing is an ultimate love of mine for similar reasons.

    Anyway I’m babbling. So glad I found your site though, as a femmecock wielding person myself. πŸ˜‰

    • Haha I’m so glad you enjoyed it!
      If you prefer a flat surface like the base of a dildo, it might be too pronounced. Although, the vibrations aren’t concentrated to the ridge, which is good for broader-loving people.
      Also, hell yes to strap-on and tribbing pleasure! It’s a rare occasion when I reach orgasm through either because pin-point stimulation is my religion, but it’s so awesome (literally, I’m left in awe) when I do experience pleasure those ways.

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