Quickie Review: Tantus Echo Vibrating Dildo

This is a mini review to accompany my rope harness tutorial, where you can watch me tie up the Echo in a beautiful strap-on made of rope!

 Material: 100% Silicone
Included: 3-Speed Tantus Bullet
Insertable length: 6.5″
Total length: 7.5″
Shaft diameter: 1.5″
Base Diameter: 2.625″
Descriptors: Non realistic, highly textured, harness compatible, anal safe

I’ve had the Tantus Echo for over a year now and it’s been a turbulent journey of rejection, desire, denial, and acceptance. It’s the dildo of my vaginal soap opera. You don’t need to know the full history of my torrid feels for the Echo, but I will tell you that it started with a scorn pubic bone, but I have gradually grown to appreciate the succession of firm silicone ridges.

Many people love this bumpy design, enough that Tantus has a version with a handle for easier steering, an especially good options for people with limited mobility or reach. If there’s something you’ve learned from past reviews, it’s that handles make me exorbitantly excited because I like to thrust with abandon. Due to my prominent pubic bone, my vagina would likely file for separation if I thrust that wildly with the Echo though.

All the ridges don’t feel great for me when in motion, but the Echo has become one of my favorite toys to hold inside me as I stimulate my clitoris, allowing my muscles to grip around the texture and intensify my orgasms, making me feel full without using a very large toy. It basically tricks my vagina into thinking I’m working hard when really my pelvic muscles are doing all the work.

Although I call the Echo a dildo, it actually has a hole in the bottom for a bullet vibe (and comes with a Tantus 3-speed bullet vibrator). The vibrations are buzzy but can be felt throughout every part of the Echo. The bullet is not flush with the base though, which is perfect when you want to remove it, but it also means that it’s better to leave the vibe out for harness use (unless you don’t mind the jabbing and changing speeds with each thrust). The hole also fits the vibe of my dreams, the We-Vibe Tango.

As for this color situation, it’s a gift from the grab bag section, which is essentially a color lottery that allows you to pay a lot less (!!!) for the same high quality, babin’ toys. The regular color selection for the Echo is a deep purple and a pearly white.

Should you try it?
If you enjoy firm, prominent texture, especially against the g or p-spot, dooooo iiiiiit. If you’re like me, and the feeling of internal fullness makes you happy, the Echo is also something to try. If all this hard texture makes you want to run away, then feel free to do so now.

A huge thank you to Tantus!

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