MISSX: Dreamy Toys for Australia and New Zealand [+ LELO Mona 2 Giveaway!]

MissX is an Australian-based online shop with a curated selection of high quality, body safe sex toys. I love their style, so when they approached me about a collaboration, I was in. The result is this dreamy cotton candy cloud party of my sex toy recommendations (and glitter). PLUS a chance to win the LELO Mona 2* in a giveaway that is open worldwide because MissX knows how to spread joy.

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The most accurate and concise description of MissX comes from their Tumblr: “MissX is queer, colourful, feminist and full of awesome sex toys and resources.” They really are all of those things, with their gender neutral and inclusive language, their neon photo shoots, top shelf toy collection, and informative blog. They currently only ship to Australia and NZ, which is a shame for the rest of the world, but a blessing for Aussies who deal with ridiculous international shipping times and fees. So, here’s to you Australia! And for more on MissX’s origins and general awesomeness, check out Reenie’s interview with the founder, Camila.

Now, on to the collaboration! These photos were inspired by Will Cotton‘s beautiful pastel paintings of cotton candy clouds, ice cream, and sweets, but instead of nude figures reclining on the sugar clouds, there are sex toys! And I chose the sex toys from MissX’s stock that I’ve used and would be proud to recommend. I had a lot of fun working on these photos… there was pink fluff and glitter, so of course.

Top MissX Toy Picks

The Fun Factory B Balls are anal safe beads that have free weights in them. This means that you can feel them jiggle when you move and they do a surprisingly good job of letting you feel it. I wouldn’t recommend these to people who have yet to use an anal toy, but if you’re comfortable with their size, they provide a unique rolling sensation to butt play.

The Tenga Iroha Minamo is a prime choice if you’re looking for a vibrating memory foam pillow for your vagina. The material is a plush elastomer, covered in smooth matte silicone, so it’s non-porous but very pillowy. The Minamo is a good contrast to the powerhouse vibes on this list: it’s buzzier but not weak, better for people who enjoy softer vibrations.

I’ve said it before and I will say it again, the We-Vibe Tango is my main squeeze vibrator. It has provided me with innumerable clit-throbbing orgasms and for that, I bow to it’s power. If you enjoy deep, thumping, pin-point stimulation, you should convert to the religion of the Tango. However, if you enjoy more subtle, teasing vibrations, the Tango knows nothing about that.

The LELO Mona 2* is a fantastic option if you enjoy strong, rumbly vibrations, but in a broader, g-spotting package. The swoop of this vibe makes it easy to hold and handle, the silicone is silky as all glorious hell, and there are four buttons to navigate the speeds and patterns that are easy to use and reach. Unlike the Tango, the Mona 2 has a wide range of speeds that start gently and move up to more intense.

So I discussed the jiggly B-Balls and the LELO Luna Beads are their vaginal equivalent. These are the most enjoyable kegel balls I’ve ever used, mostly because I don’t have to do anything but let the inner weights of the balls roll around as I go about my business, and also because that rolling sensation can feel damn good as an added sensation to sexual play.

You Can Has!

Now I’m done talking and you get to click on things that will possibly win you the LELO Mona 2: the rumbly, silky, waterproof and rechargeable vibe wonder! Although MissX is the sex toy fairy of Australia, they are willing to send this Mona anywhere in the world! Just use the form below to enter and earn points. Also, 10 extra (totally useless make-believe) points if you got the Clueless reference in the twitter post option.

Collaborate With Us

This giveaway has a photography focus, although you can receive points without submitting a photo. The idea is to join our collaboration and be inspired by something like I was inspired to create these images. The loose theme is “sweet.” It’s entirely up to interpretation, from candy colored sex toys to your cat named Snickers dressed as a Snickers, it’s all about having fun. There’s no pressure to come up with high quality (use your phone, webcam, whatever you have) or ultra-conceptual images (although bring those on too), just share in this cool collaboration and gain major points towards winning a Mona 2- not a bad deal.

PHOTO RULES:¬† Your photo must be original to this contest meaning¬† that you can’t reuse a photo you took in the past. You must have the rights to use and share the photo meaning you took it or you’re in it and have permission from the photographer to use it. No nudity and no submissions from giveaway-only accounts.
HOW TO SUBMIT: Post your photo to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Use the hashtag #Sweet4Mona2. Then use the widget below to submit the photo.

MISSX LELO Mona 2 Giveaway!

*I no longer support LELO due to stunts like this misogynistic cock ring and a partnership with a known abuser, among their many other offenses.

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