Review: Tantus Pack ‘n Play No.1

Tell Me How You Really Feel
When testing the Tantus Pack ‘n Play No.1, my partner suspiciously questioned what I was doing as I dug around in my pants. I replied, “Trying to pack the No.1, but…?” to which she nodded, “Yeah, I’ve tried.” The No.1 may not be the best for packing, but I definitely can’t shoot it down, because it’s a fantastic dildo for so many other reasons.

The Basics
Material: silicone
Insertable length: 6.75″
Width: 1.75″
Base width: 2.25″

The Good, The Bad, And The Details
Tantus is skilled at taking good designs and switching them up, and the Pack ‘n Play No.1 is no exception: it’s the Vamp design but made with ultra-squishy silicone. It’s a simple dildo with a phallic head and light vein texture along its straight shaft. Since there’s no curve or bulbous head, g/p-spotting is not what the No.1 is good at, and the vein texture is pretty stealthy in this soft silicone. However, the Sulcus (AKA the space beneath the Corona AKA the under-head-area) provides a decent amount of sensation for me. It gives my muscles a bit of definition to grasp onto, and while it’s not a ton of sensation, it’s enough to keep my vagina from being bored. Another thing that differentiates this shape from so many other phallic dildos is that the shaft tapers to a smaller diameter near the base, which makes the size feel more filling. This dick is made by the details.

Speaking of details, the surface is a velvety, matte finish along the shaft with a glossier head. I adore when Tantus does this (e.g. another fave, the Adam)! One, because it looks great and two, the glossy head allows fluids to glide over it for easier insertion. Tantus, gettin’ me hot with that simple, functional design.

Defining the Pack ‘n Play-ness of the Pack ‘n Play No.1 is how this silicone is dense enough to stay erect, but flexible enough to easily bend in half. It has a similar elasticity to rubber bands, if rubber bands came in 1.75” diameter dick forms. Although this elasticity works well for sudden, enthusiastic erections, it’s not so great for general purpose packing. Instead of bending and staying like the Shilo by New York Toy Collective, it has to be compressed with very tight clothing since it forever want to boing into a boner stance.

Although it’s not my favorite pack and play design, I adore the No.1 for general fucking: it has a sturdy, easy-to-grip/harness base, and since it flexes with the body, you can change positions and fuck at angles that less-flexible dildos don’t comfortably allow.Also, if you’re looking for a dildo to go down on, I whole-heartedly suggest the No. 1. Not all dildos are good head dildos: prominent coronas and curves are nice for my g-spot, but not my mouth. The No.1’s straight shape, flexibility, softness, and smooth, matte finish make it a prime BJ dildo.

Tantus has many dildos in a wonderful darker skin tone, a pale tone, plus all their vibrant color options, but the Pack ‘n Plays are only available in one tone right now. Thankfully, if you’re looking for a slightly smaller option, with the same squish and flexibility, Tantus has the Pack ‘n Play No.2.

If You Read Nothing Else
I overlook the Pack ‘n Play No.1 as a packable option, but I do vigorously point in its direction if  you’re looking for a softer silicone dildo, especially for strap-on use, because highly flexible dildos like this make positioning with a strap-on SO. Much. Easier. If you like toys that offer direct stimulation to a specific spot but still want the squish, Tantus’ dual density dildos are a babely choice.

A huge thank you to Tantus for sending me the Pack ‘n Play No.1 in exchange for an honest and unbiased review!

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