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Tell Me How You Really Feel
The SpareParts Tomboi is my go-to harness. It’s simple and durable and it keeps me cock in place [evidenced by me packing/dancing in it here]. Strap-style harnesses like the Joque have the benefit of adjustability, which is great if multiple people are sharing one or if you need extra support for a larger/ heavier toy. They also allow for genital access, and we all know the positive implications of that. However, for most toys and situations, I prefer the ease, comfort, and functionality of the Tomboi.

The Good, The Bad, And The Butt
The version I own is made from a nylon/spandex blend. I love this material because it’s stretchy but doesn’t get loose after wearing or getting it wet, it dries quickly, and it’s soft. You can also find a modal/spandex version as well, which is no doubt better if you need a material that breathes more. Prevent swamp crack 2016.

A benefit of the nylon/spandex material is that because it dries so quickly, cleaning is easy: I just quickly hand wash it after each use and set it to air dry. Within an hours, it’s good to go. Every couple months, I machine wash it in a lingerie bag to keep it extra clean. You could choose to machine wash it as your main method, I just choose to hand wash since it’s quick and I’m working with pay-per-use apartment washer/dryers.

As much a I adore this material, I regret to inform you that it does not make my butt look good. The stretchy fabric compresses my cheeks, and any butt not contained by the bikini-style back says, “I’m free!” and leaves me with a bit of a double-butt. Femme trick: wearing lace-trimmed underwear underneath and pulling the edges out slightly defuses the sad butt.

On the up-side, SparePart’s made the Tomboi with a wide waistband, so it doesn’t cut in around the belly. The sizes fit up to an 3XL and in my experience, the harness is true to size. I wear a US size 4 pant, and the small fits perfectly. The key is to measure around the part of your body where the top of the harness will sit: these are a mid-rise fit, so the upper hips/ lower waist area.

Instead of a traditional rubber or metal o-ring, SpareParts uses elastic o-rings. It’s a damn tight, sturdy band too (definitely more-so than RodeoH harnesses), I’ve had mine over a year and haven’t seen any reduced elasticity. They claim to accommodate toys up to a 2.25” diameter, which I’ve yet to test, but I’ve fit a 2” dildo just fine. Silicone does drag against this material, so it takes some wrangling to get toys in (usually if they’re 1.5” or above). You can make this easier by lubing up the toy first, and if you want a true harness MacGyver experience, try the bag trick. It sounds strange, but it truly makes the struggle MUCH less struggly.The inside of the Tomboi holds a lot of good stuff too, like the overlapping inner mesh panels. Not only do they serve the purpose of being able to house a packer or separate for use with a double dildo, they also make cleaning really easy since they trap a lot of fluids instead of allowing them to sink into the outer fabric.

Inside is also a pocket that can fit condoms/ lube sample/ cat stickers (although, hard edges catch on the mesh) and two pockets that can hold bullet vibrators (one above and one below the o-ring). Sadly, I’ve never had any luck getting a vibe to stay on my clitoris (with the movement and moisture, the odds are not in my favor), but it does add an element of adjustable stimulation for the wearer as well as a vibrating cock for the receiver.

The Tomboi is a reliable, high quality, comfortable harness. While I swoon over SpareParts’ more femme designs like the Sasha and Bella, the Tomboi is half their price, and has convinced me ever more of the quality of SpareParts, so when I do have the money, I won’t second-guess indulging my femme wants. Also, if you’re looking for a SparePart’s harness is a longer boxer brief style, the “Tomboii” exists! They added an “I” to the name, plus another hole for double penetration for optimum position-adjustability, more color options, and an extra vibe pocket.

If You Read Nothing Else
I have both the SpareParts Tomboi and Joque, and they’ve shown me how fantastic SpareParts is. I personally prefer the Tomboi because of the brief style, so if you’re looking for an easy, reliable, sturdy, underwear-style harness, let me interpretive-dance my feelings of love around the Tomboi.

I bought the Tomboi myself from my local sex shop, Sugar. You can also get it from: Smitten Kitten, SheVibe, Early to Bed, SheBop, and Babeland.


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