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Tell Me How You Really Feel
So many new “luxury” sex toy products make me roll my eyes so hard that I can see my own sarcastic thoughts, so the solid quality and design of the Rosa is refreshing. On top of that, there’s a reason the Rosa is on my favorites list: the Rosa has the most rumbly vibrations I’ve ever felt, and a curve that fits my picky g-spot.

The Basics
Materials: silicone and ABS
Colors: black, pink, green
Total length: 6″
Insertable length: 4.5″
Largest diameter: 1.5″
Smallest diameter: 1″
Base Diameter: 2 x 3.25″

The Good, The Bad, And The Strap-On Possibilites
The L’Amourose Rosa is one of the few internal toys I use vaginally that I don’t need/ want to vigorously thrust. The vibrations are so strong and rumbly, and the firm head is so fitting to my g-spot that my vag feels like, “Rosa, take the wheel!” Really, these vibrations are powerful and thumping, and it astounds me every time I use it.

The Rosa’s vibrations start fairly low, but the rumble makes them feel more intense and penetrating than more buzzy vibes. As you increase the intensity, the rumble sticks around, unlike some other vibes that get much buzzier as you up the power. The rumble isn’t stealth though, it has a familiar hum. The sound dampens considerably when inserted, but it’s still a bit louder than other luxury vibes like the LELO Mona 2.

The vibrations escalate pretty seamlessly, so it’s hard to tell how many there are, but L’Amourose counts 12. I usually just hold the + button down until I reach a happy level. While there are plenty of speeds, if you’re into patterns, they Rosa really only offers the option of a slower or quicker shift from the base motor to the shaft motor. However, if you like warmth as a feature, *infomercial voice* there’s a Rosa (Rouge) for that!
Many vibes don’t have a base or anything substantial to grab onto (and fit comfortably in my hand) or make it anal safe, so kudos to L’Amourose. Some people find that it gets in the way if they want more clitoral stimulation, but I really appreciate this base. For people who can get off by grinding against broader surfaces, it can be fantastic, especially since there is one motor in the base and one in the shaft, which can be controlled separately. It’s also due to this base that you can use the Rosa for internal stimulation during strap-on sex. Since the Rosa rests close to the body when fully inserted, I’ve been able to wear it under a harness like the Spareparts Tomboi (or underwear beneath any crotchless harness). I was even able to tie it into a strap-on rope harness for the same purpose.

While we’re on the base though, my biggest peeve of this toy are the buttons. I’m a fumbler in general, never mind around climax. The plus, minus, and mode buttons are positioned on the side of the base, made from the same smooth silicone, nearly flush with the rest of the Rosa. This makes them essentially nonexistent when I’m not looking, particularly to my post-orgasm “oh god, shut this thing down NOW” brain.

Aside from being a button invisibility cloak, I adore this silicone! It is so buttery. You will want to stroke it like it’s a hairless, villain cat and you are dubiously plotting your next orgasm.

Something I didn’t expect to give a shit about, but I do with the Rosa, is the charger. L’amourose’s design eye extends all the way down to the charging port, and they give you two options so you can either rest it in a little geometric dock or just use a mini, more travel-friendly magnetic attachment.

All of that thought and design and velvety silicone isn’t cheap though. The Rosa is nearly $200, which is something L’Amourose has worked on in their second collection of toys. If you are a fan of rumbly vibrations and are enticed by the possibilities of this base, then both me and my awe-struck, stunningly intense orgasms are telling you that the price is worth it. However, if the price is just too much, you don’t desire this base, or you need something with more length, then the Prism V is a fantastic option. Also, I’ll be reviewing the Prism VII soon, so keep a look out for that!

You can find the Rosa at SheVibe, Smitten Kitten, and Early To Bed.

Major thanks to L’Amourose for sending me the Rosa in exchange for an honest, unbiased review!

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