Smitten Kitten Giveaway!

My sex shop crush wants to give you bangin’ toys!

It is hard not to make cheesy comments about my adoration for the Smitten Kitten when “smitten” is in their name. Between their body safe toys, inclusive and educational mission, rad staff, support of local products, great design… I will stop now, but yeah, I have a crush on them.

Also, as we were discussing this giveaway, they seemingly looked into my review brain and picked out two products that I’m really excited about: the L’Amourose Prism VII and Sutil water-based lube, then they added in some cute-ass pins, because they’re sweet like that.

The What

The L’Amourose Prism VII has the rumbly power, dual motors, and g/p-spotting shape of the Rosa, but with a longer handle, nub for external stimulation, and well-placed controls. Plus, it comes in gorgeous colors, including a vibrant blue, red, and the pastel pink we’re giving away.

Sutil is another new love of mine. It’s a safe, silky, long-lasting formula that’s currently neck-and-neck with my long-time favorite, Sliquid Sea, because of it’s natural, non-sticky feeling.

And because Smitten Kitten is my spirit sex shop, they’re also including some pins with heart-felt holiday phrases, such as: “pizza and orgasms” and “butt touches.”

The How

I can’t wait to share full reviews for both of these products, but I am even more joyed that one of you gets to try them for yourself! The giveaway ends on Valentine’s Day because awwwwwww, so whether you like the holiday or hate it, you might get a happy surprise on it. Now, on to the rules! … Really, I made them short, so read them.

Sign in to enter. Complete entries to gain extra points. Don’t lie and subsequently get disqualified. Don’t be a giveaway account and subsequently get disqualified. Have an address on Earth. Respond within 48 hours of being notified that you are the randomly chosen one. Share your earth address with the Smitten Kitten. Receive your booty.

Smitten Kitten Giveaway

The Other Cool Stuff

If rumbly pastel vibes, lube, and “romantic sex stuff” pins aren’t for you, or you just want to support the fantastic, small business that is the Smitten Kitten, I wanted to include some other prime purchase suggestions.

Getting into the holiday spirit, Smitten Kitten put together some sex/self-love gift sets. All of them are under $65 and range from a sensation kit (with a vegan option after my own heart) to butt, penis, vulva, and masturbation sets. They also carry local and unique pieces that you can’t find at other shops, like a harness with a handle on the back, heat/cold packs with salty-looking cats on them, and fabulous pronoun pins!

A huge thank you to Smitten Kitten for sponsoring this giveaway and providing cute product photos!

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