Big List of Vegan Sex and BDSM Things!

This has been so long in the making/ procrastinating! Really, since I began this, children have been born, turned into toddlers, and learned the truth behind their favorite holiday mascots. I’ve come to terms with the fact that this is an ever-changing, ever-growing list (thankfully), and I just need to publish now and add more later. So let’s do this! *glitter-shooting finger guns*

I’m talking mainly about barriers, lube, and BDSM products, since most sex toys (vibrators, dildos, anal toys, etc.) are not produced with animal materials or tested on animals (sweet dildos, thank goodness for that). Also, I highlight products that have color options other than black, since that’s the go-to for so much BDSM gear.

There are many nuances to a companies “vegan-ness” (not using animal products, not testing on animal, not allowing third parties to test on animals, anti-cruelty activism, vegan founders/owners, cruelty-free parent companies, etc) and it’s really up to the individual to decide what they feel comfortable supporting. This list specifically focuses on products that do not contain ingredients or materials derived from animals and that are not directly tested on animals. It’s also rare to find sex toys or BDSM products that are “certified” vegan since it’s such an expensive and demanding process, so I’m mostly going off of company and customer claims.

All The Things:
Safe Sex Barriers
Strap-On Harnesses
Impact Toys
Collars and Body Harnesses
Other Good Stuff

Disclosure: I started this as a resource for myself, so I haven’t tried a lot of the specific products and can’t comment on their quality. The ones I do own and have reviewed are noted and linked. Some of my links are to affiliates, so I receive a small percentage of the purchases made through them, which helps to keep me doing work like this.

All Vegan, All the Time

These are shops that have made it their mission to carry ONLY vegan products. AKA where vegan unicorns go to kiss kinky, vegan Pegasuses.

Ethical Kink
A selective collection of vegan kink products, including a range of pet play gear and mega cool, vegan, latex clothing.
KinkClusive [currently on hiatus]
KinkClusive has a massive selection of all things vegan and kinky, and many are hand made.

Non-Vegan BFFs

Many online shops will carry vegan products, but don’t have a committed category for them or even label them as such in the description, so these are some stores that show they’ve thought about customers who prefer their toys animal-product free.

Early to Bed
On top of being an inclusive, education-based shop, Early to Bed has a vegan product section and a helpful chart on each product page that tells you whether the materials are vegan or not. Very magic! Much help!
Smitten Kitten

Much of my love for Smitten Kitten comes from how welcoming they are to all people, and while they have a smaller vegan selection, it’s super easy to find by just clicking “vegan” in the sidebar.
The Frugal Domme
The Frugal Domme needs some help in the web-design department, but they do have a large collection of vegan BDSM gear. They carry a lot of products made by small businesses that you can’t find elsewhere.

Some shops that don’t have a designated category, but have a searchable selection are: SheBop (subcategories for non-leather harnesses and BDSM products), The Tool Shed, and Goodvibes.


I gave Etsy shops their own section because Etsy is a community within itself that supports independent, hand-made goods. I mention more Etsy shops throughout this post, but these are some with a variety of stock that sell only vegan designs.

Black Ship Speciality
A shop the utilizes recycled bicycle tires. They produce heavy-duty bondage cuffs, belts, and harnesses.
JM Designs
If you’re into patent black [excuse my mental Catwoman inspo], JM makes vinyl cuffs, collars, harnesses, head and foot-wear, and gags.
Kinky Vegan [currently on hiatus]
Sleek black cuffs, belts, harnesses, collars, and impact toys made from super-durable Lorica. I reviewed a pair of their cuffs, and they’re stellar.

Safety First

A lot of latex barriers are processed with Casein, which is derived from dairy, so most latex brands are not vegan. For gloves, nitrile is the way to go. For condoms and dams, here are some vegan latex and non-latex options.

B Condoms
These are “zinc-enhanced” latex condoms, if you understand more about what that means than I do. They don’t advertise as vegan but state that they are in their FAQ sections.
FC2 Internal Condoms
These nitrile condoms are intended to be worn inside the vagina or anus and covering some of the external genitals. Props to alternative condoms options!
Fair Squared
Fair Squared has the only non-lubricated, vegan condom I can find, so if you prefer lube-less, they’ve got you covered. Fair trade and made in the Germany.
One of the most well known and easily accessible vegan latex brands. They have both condoms and dams. They’re sustainable, certified vegan, and fair trade.
L Condoms
Certified vegan latex condoms. L is involved in providing condoms to people globally in areas of need, as well as a 1-hour condom delivery service. Hell yes to all of that.
A Sweedish non-profit that advocates for world-wide access to sexual education and care, oh and makes vegan latex condoms!
Sir Richard’s
Another well known vegan latex condom company that also does the wonderful “buy one, give one” outreach, similar to that L condoms.
Sustain is exactly what the name implies: sustainably produced. They are also certified vegan, fair trade, and here is a nifty list/explanation of the ingredients in them.

For non-latex dams, try Hot Dam (yes, the logo is flames) and Pasante (in the UK) for clear, polyurethane options. These are formulated as vegan, but I can’t find information about the companies’ involvement in animal testing.

For non-latex condoms, there are Polyisoprene options like Lifestyles SKYN and Durex Avanti Bare. Also, check out Scarleteen’s non-latex sampler pack for more choices (thanks commenter who suggested this!). These may be easier to find locally and are great if you’re allergic to latex; however, they are not advertised as vegan. Both Lifestyle and Durex are subsidiaries of companies that are not cruelty free (Kose and Reckitt Benckiser), but that ties back to the “vegan-ness” thing I mention in the intro.

Lube It Up

Many lubricants don’t have animal products in them, but whether they test on animals is another thing. Here are some companies that care about your health, and are happy to advertise as vegan and cruelty free. There are many more, but these are ones I’ve tried myself or heard positive things about from people I trust.

Blossom Organics
A water-based lubricant that’s pH balanced and has a buttery, smooth texture.
Oil-based lube that’s organic, melts with the heat of your body, and leaves your skin super soft and moisturized. They also have a water-based formula.
Good Clean Love
A thicker, water-based lube made with aloe, and their cinnamon-vanilla smells like damn delicious cookies.
Hathor Aphrodisia
Hathor is all natural, and Oprah says it’s good enough for her. I’m a huge fan of Sutil, which is produced by them as well. It’s slick and long-lasting like silicone, but it’s water-based.
GoodVibe’s own brand of lube, that comes in a silicone formula, as well as water-based cream, gel, and liquid formulas.
Sliquid is my go-to lube. My personal favorites are their water-based Sea and H2O, plus they have great options when you need something thicker, silicone-based, flavored… the list goes on.
Pure silicone-based lube in a cool glass bottle that’s hella slick and lacking any potentially-irritating, extra ingredients.
Certified organic, and made in water-based, oil-based, and fertility friendly formulas. It’s currently unavailable in the US though, while it awaits FDA-approval.

Strap It On

Aslan Leather
If you want the aesthetic and quality of Aslan leather and don’t mind buying from a company that uses animal products in most of their designs, these are some fantastic options. There is a huge fan-base around the Jag harness, and it comes in a vegan version.
CalExotics Packer Gear Harnesses
CalEx is one of those massive, ‘produce everything and most of it is crap’ companies, but they seem to be doing pretty good (review by Lorax of Sex) with these cotton brief and boxer brief packing trunks/ harnesses, especially for only $30.
Gnat GlitterKink
Bless! Sparkly vinyl harnesses! They also sell cuffs, collars, and body harnesses.
Oxyd Creations I love how this harnesses has details made from bike chains and gears – radly befitting for this Montreal-based maker of restraints and harnesses from recycled bike tubes!
RodeoH is well-known for their brief and boxer-brief-style harnesses. All of their designs are made of cotton and spandex, and they come in a variety of options from crotchless to two o-rings for double penetration.
Sh! Rubber Harnesses
Sh! is a UK retailer that also makes their own toys, including harnesses, a few of which are made from rubber: the classic, deluxe, and corset-back. All of them are jock-style and black with silver hardware.
SpareParts is a company that produces high-quality, fabric harnesses. Their Joque harness has become some-what of an industry standard and they make great femme panty-style harnesses too like the Sasha and Bella. I own their brief style harness (the TomBoi) and I love it [check out my full review here and a video of me sassily modeling it here], the quality is absolutely worth the price.
Sportsheets is known for their neoprene and nylon restraints, but they also make inexpensive strap-on harnesses, including some pretty, plus-size, femme designs and a thigh harness.
The Roadster by Cherry Bombin’
Noted as a fav by Jiz Lee, this jock-style harness is made from the recycled rubber of bike inner tubes.
Velvet Nest
I’m including these femme, cotton harnesses because so many people have questions about them, and I need to warn you, do not buy them!

If you’re looking for another thigh harness option, check out this one made from inner tubes.

Stings and Thuds

Impact toys (floggers, whips, paddles, canes, etc) are easy when it comes to finding vegan options. They come in a variety of materials like silicone, rope, wood, acrylic, etc. Plus, impact toys are everywhere (really: brushes, wooden spoons, belts…), so don’t feel limited to what you can buy in a shop. However, here are some promising options.

In Her Tube Flogger
A stingy flogger that comes in multiple lengths, made from recycled tire inner tubes.

Makers of many paracord floggers and whips, as well as kits to show you how to DIY your own.
Kink Nerd Toys
Impact toys made mostly from vinyl lacing that come in a variety of colors, including glitter. I reviewed a sparkly rug beater from them that’s undergoing cat inspection above.
Leyland Toys and Books
Leyland Toys has a nice collection of canes, flickers, and crops, and they come in so many different colors. Some of their designs incorporate leather, but most have vegan options. I have a cane and crop from them that I love (review coming up).
Riding Crops at Tool Shed
This crop is 26″ long and comes in black, red, and pink. Tool Shed also carries a brown, 26.5″ crop, and 24″ nylon webbing crop.
Sex and Metal Whips and Floggers
Impact toys made from metal, with options for silicone falls and tails on some of their designs. Be mindful that some of their products have a leather loop on the end. I was told that it can be removed or replaced by a silicone one if you request it from the Sex and Metal site.
Tantus Silicone Paddles
Tantus is known for their 100% premium silicone toys. This includes their paddles, which are fantastically crafted and pack some OOMF. I’ve felt up all of them, and reviewed the Plunge paddle.

Also, Etsy has a lot of paracord whip and flogger producers like these.

Restraints and Bondage

I’m focusing mainly on cuffs, belts, and ties since those are most often made from animal materials, but I also include options for rope and tape.

665 Leather
While 665 makes leather products, they also have a massive selection of neoprene bondage gear, including cuffs, slings, hoods, and even body bags.
All Silicone Cuffs at BDSM Geek Shop
Silicone cuffs that come in both pink and black, and this matte silicone looks so soft!
Bondage Tape
Vinyl tape that only sticks to itself: easy, portable, and most sex shops carry it.
Glitter Cuffs at Early to Bed

By now, you should know that I love glitter, so I couldn’t resist these vinyl glitter cuffs. They come in red, silver, and purple, and all of them look fabulous.
Kinclusive Fire Cuffs
While Kinclusive carries a variety of PVC and rubber restraints, these are pretty unique since they’re made from recycled fire hoses. This also means that they come in a deep red or yellow color.
Leather Boy BioThane Cuffs
$25 leather-look cuffs with multiple band colors (yellow, orange, pink, red, purple, and black) from a company with great reviews… these definitely seem like they’re worth trying.
A lot of this Etsy shop is leather goods, but they have a section of vegan BDSM for their patent, faux-leather designs (including lockable and faux-fur-lined options).
Sportsheets restraints are made of strong fabrics, and Velcro. I’m a fan of their under the bed restraints, and some of their designs come in pink, which I’m definitely in support of.
Thigh Sling and Wrist Cuff Harness at Extreme Restraints
A body harness with connecting wrist and thigh straps. No thank you to the “imagine this” stories they include on each product page, but this is one of the few faux-leather restraint systems I can find.
Twisted Monk Rope
Yep, some rope isn’t vegan, mostly due to certain conditioning methods, but Twisted Monk is committed to producing vegan rope. They have so many beautiful color options for their hemp rope and a selection of rope made from other materials, including electro-conductive.
I mention Stockroom throughout this list, because they carry a few vegan BDSM products by other brand, but now they make a full line of vegan bondage gear (YES!), including: collar, leash, blindfold, cuffs, and hogtie.

There are also SO many cuff options made from rubber: Cherry Bombin’ (recycled inner tubes), Sh! Store (wrist and ankle, plus a collar with cuffs attached), Sinvention (lockable) Tom of Finland (neoprene and lockable), Super Cuffs (neoprene with velcro), and Aslan Leather (wrist and ankle cuffs, a bondage belt, and handy cuffs).

Collars and Body Harnesses

Collars and body harnesses are everywhere, especially since BDSM-inspired fashion has become so popular. This is a (by no-means exhaustive) list of different materials and styles.

Collars are made from a huge variety of non-animal materials: 1) PVC 2) neoprene 3) stainless steel 4) rubber 5)  faux-leather (in multiple colors and styles) 6) discontinued 7) transparent vinyl with leash 8) glittery vinyl with leash 9) cotton and lace… everything, basically.

Body harnesses are a bit more elusive when it comes to non-leather options. Most functional vegan harnesses are made from PVC/vinyl. Stockroom carries this PVC bust harness. Ethical Kink has this vinyl cross harness in a bunch of colors, as well as two styles of pony play harnesses. If you’re feeling glittery, Gnat is on it. And 665 Leather has a variety of neoprene harness options, including designs that attach to cock rings. Then there are brands that focus more on fashion, with varying levels of functionality, like Maze, Apatico, and Teale Coco.


Ideally, ball gags should have a silicone ball (tasteless, sanitizable, and hypo-allergenic) that comes in multiple sizes to fit different mouths, so I note those traits specifically when they apply. Other gag styles seem to be sparse in vegan options, but here’s what I’ve found.

All Silicone Ball Gag at BDSM Geek Shop
A breathable ball gag that’s all silicone, comes in multiple size options, as well as both pink and black. Rejoice! So many options!
Aslan Silicone Ball Gag
A 1.75″ silicone ball with a nylon webbing strap (though, they state it now comes with a faux-leather strap as well).
Extreme Fetish Fantasy by Pipedreams
I’m not usually one to suggest Pipedreams, but The Fetish Fantasy Extreme line has a breathable gag made entirely of silicone with three ball sizes, and a ring gag.
Kitten’s Playpen Customizable Ballgag
Got my heart pitter-pattering over the adorable possibilities of these customizable gags! Comes in a breathable (anonymous rubber) ball or metal spidergag design.
Stockroom Rubber Ball Gag
A ball gag that comes in different colors, including one with little stars inside! The ball is a fixed 1.75″, and both the ball and strap are made of an unspecified rubber.
Zap On Silicone Ball Gag
A breathable ball gag made entirely of silicone, with no buckles or hardware to irritate nickel allergies. Really cool, and under $20!

Other Good Stuff

Minx Faux-Fur Tail Plug by Crystal Delights
Crystal Delights in well-known for their beautiful glass toys as well as their animal tail anal toys. Originally, these tails were made with fur, but Crystal Delights has added faux-fur options. They also have Pony Plugs, and no rainbow ponies were harmed in the making.

Most wax-play candles are made from paraffin or soy wax, which is vegan. Twisted Monk’s Curiosity Candles come in ceramic containers with a pour spout, which you can buy refills for. I also love the colors of these candles and pourable jugs by KinkCraft.

Many massage candles are also vegan, like these from Seagrape Bath and Body, which all smell freaking amazing.

Let me know your favorite vegan products, creators, and retailers, and tell me if there’s something I missed!

12 thoughts on “Big List of Vegan Sex and BDSM Things!

  1. I’m surprised you didn’t mention FC2 internal condoms- they’re made of nitrile and are a pretty cool option (you can insert them way ahead of time, and they feel better to some people). The condom depot and scarleteen are great resources for info about vegan barrier and lube options, and on their shops the condom depot has a mostly vegan “non-latex” section and scarleteen has a vegan non-latex sampler pack.

    • YAY! That’s great! I really wanted cats in all the photos, but that didn’t happen, boooo.
      I’m not, I’m a vegetarian, but I don’t use products made from animal materials or tested on animals, which brought me to start this list.

  2. Woah, what a comprehensive list! While I’m not vegan myself, I do have some friends who will be thrilled to see all these options for critter friendly kink items. 🙂

    I hope this isn’t horribly rude to mention my own product, but my partner and I make vegan friendly paddles! carries a variety of brightly coloured marble paddles, and we’ve recently expanded to ball bearing and coated steel wire toys too.

    Also, I’d like to second the love for Kink Nerd Toys’ products. My partner has one one of the glittery crops and a copper rugbeater, and both are wicked and well made! The rugbeater is at least 2 years old now, and has held up very well to use.

  3. Ugh, those Early To Bed glitter cuffs are to die for. I also really like the look of the Vondage stuff, super cool. And I didn’t know about the latex thing. Thank you for such a wonderful, comprehensive list! To be honest, I was despairing. I struggle to find decent non-leather stuff as it is. Much of the cheaper stuff in meh adult stores are ‘pleather,’ but I don’t trust the durability.

    Naturally, I can only drool over these goodies for now. At least good old rope and silicone is always cruelty-free.

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