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Magic Wand RechargeableTell Me How You Really Feel

The first time I used the Magic Wand Rechargeable, I hated it. It felt like it was epilating my vulva. The second time, I used it through underwear and had a head-sweating, “excuse me while I just sit here in awe” orgasm. The third time, I felt like a human water feature as the MWR sputtered lube and vaginal juices around like a sad fountain. Years of being committed to small, pin-point vibes definitely left me with a learning curve, but I eventually figured out how I get maximum pleasure from the MWR.

The Good, The Bad, and The Labia Tattoos

My dedication to localized vibrations had me skeptical, but it turns out the Magic Wand Rechargeable gives my clitoris (internal, external… extraterrestrial) no option but to submit to an orgasm. This comes with some conditions though: I don’t always want to assault my vulva with this much power, and sometimes the broad, buzzy vibrations feel like someone’s tattooing my labia with a confused exclamation like “Why do people like this!?”

Now that you have that regrettable image in your mind, I will console you with how I’ve gotten around both of these drawbacks: I mostly use the MWR when stacking orgasms since my clit needs me to up the power with each orgasm, and I really put the MWR’s flexible neck to the test by firmly mashing it against my vulva. If I don’t use a lot of pressure, the vibrations travel along the surface of my labia and produce that prickly sensation.

The Power! *clap of thunder*
This power is exactly what the Magic Wand is known for. The Magic Wand Original is often and accurately described as having two settings: high and REALLY fucking high, but the MWR has four. I can’t describe the lower settings as timid, but they definitely add more variety of sensation to the original design. Though none of the speeds have a deep, thumping rumble like the L’Amourose Rosa, the lowest speed is definitely the most rumbly, and they get buzzier the higher you go. Thankfully, the MWR has the same power as the Original on it’s highest setting, but cuts down on the “are you vacuuming or flying a small aircraft?” noise I’ve heard from some Originals. For some visual context, check out this video where I demonstrate different speeds.

I should also mention that you can use this majestic machine while it’s charging. Oh yeah, it charges, unlike the Original, which you have to plug it to an outlet. The charge life is 3 hours on full-power, but when it dies, you can plug it in to the wall and keep going. Also, if you’ve ever left the house only to panic, “Did I leave my vibrator running!?” you can find comfort it the fact that the MWR automatically shuts off after 20 minutes of continual use, so you only have to question if you left your oven on now. I see it mostly as a cruel challenge of efficiency, but they say it’s to prevent overheating.Magic Wand RechargeableWhat the Buttons Do
Wielding the Magic Wand Rechargeable would effectively be far clumsier a task if the buttons weren’t placed so thoughtfully. There are three buttons: one for power, one for vibration intensity, and one for patterns. They’re made from raised silicone, so you can easily differentiate them from the surrounding plastic, and since they’re stacked vertically in the middle of the handle, they sit where I naturally hold the MW.

Also added to the Rechargeable from the Original design are four vibration patterns. I appreciate that these modes have their own button because I never use them, save for when I hit it accidentally and am flung into an unexpected sensation overload. But, if you like patterns, the MWR has your basic ups and downs, fast and slow, pulsating blender and roller coaster hill-type settings.

Material and Keeping it Clean
My favorite change to the Original design is the silicone head. The head of the Original is made from porous vinyl, which can’t be sterilized, and if you want to use it safely between partners, you need to use a barrier like a condom on it. The slightly-squishy silicone head of the MWR can be sterilized by wiping it down with a 10% bleach solution. Since it’s not water or splash proof [MWR II? Please!?], I just wipe the top with some soap and water for general cleaning. While I like the smooth silicone, some people prefer the texture of the Original’s head, and if you’re into that (or you want to use the MWR for internal stimulation), there are a bunch of attachments to personalize it.

Shape and Size
I may dis the bulky size and shape in my Sex Toy Hibernation post, but I’m pretty into it. I have wielded it as a wizard’s wand on multiple occasions, but it’s also an empowering shape for a vibrator, and wonderfully practical. I’ve never felt like a vibrator was empowering, but there’s something about holding this wand with two hands and hearing/ feeling the hum as I bear down on it. Plus, the long handle allows for extra reach, which is helpful to people of varied abilities, sizes, and for different sex positions. That great stuff, coupled with all the badass queer porn that incorporates a Magic Wand, makes me feel a sense of “fuck yes” when using it.

Strap-On Use
The Magic Wand Rechargeable also gives me the power to orgasm while wearing a strap-on. It’s hard to maneuver or control a smaller vibe around a harness or dildo, even if I use the vibrator pockets inside some harnesses. The MWR’s reach and power allow me to hold it between my legs and get off (even through a fabric harness). If I’m in a low, kneeling position, I’ve also been able to lay the MWR down on the bed and grind against it while I thrust. Major points to toys that help me come while fucking!

If You Read Nothing Else

This vibe is rarely news to sex toy enthusiasts… or non-sex toy enthusiasts, because it’s power legacy is damn prevalent. If you’re expecting a machine of a vibe, you’ll get it, but it’s not for everyone. If you prefer lower vibrations setting, more rumbly vibrations, or you need to target a specific part of your body that’s smaller than the size of a fist, the MWR is not something I’d recommend. However, despite checking all those boxes, I can’t deny that I definitely need and crave this no-choice-but-to-come power sometimes.

Magic Wand Rope

Also, please appease my bleeding, post-editing eyes and check out the rope tutorial video I made to accompany this review. I show you how to turn the Magic Wand Rechargeable into a hands-free chair attachment.

Thank you so much to GoodVibes for providing me with the Magic Wand Rechargeable in exchange for an honest and unbiased review!

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