Rope Tutorial: Magic Wand Rechargeable Hands-Free Chair Tie

I’m so excited to bring you all another rope tutorial!

This time, I’m showing you an easy way to attach your Magic Wand Rechargeable (or other wand vibe) to a chair for hands-free masturbation, forced-orgasm play, or anything else you might need a vibrator-strapped chair for.

Magic Wand rope tutorialMagic Wand rope tutorial

I wasn’t joking when I said this is easy. There’s hardly any knotting involved because I wanted as little bulk as possible around the Magic Wand to keep the vibrations unobstructed. It’s simple, sturdy, and really fucking cool. Plus, there’s so much you can do with this tie by adding cuffs or more rope to restrain the sitter.

What you’ll need:

Magic Wand Rechargeable
Other, similarly shaped vibes work as well, like the Magic Wand Original, and Doxy Massager.
30 feet of rope
The rope I use is the gorgeous “grape” colored hemp by Twisted Monk.
Preferably something easy to clean, unlike my example, unless you want to put a Throe or absorbent blanket/towel over the seat.

1. Place the Magic Wand where you want it on the seat (head facing the back of the chair) depending on how much room the person sitting in the chair needs. It doesn’t have to be exact, since you can adjust the placement throughout most of the steps.
Magic Wand rope tutorial steps2. Find the center-point of the rope.
3. Loop the center around the neck of the Magic Wand.
4. Bring the rope around the back of the chair.
5. Pull the rope under the length nearest the neck of the MW and then back in the direction you came. Pull tight.
Magic Wand rope tutorial steps6. Bring the rope under the chair, up to the opposite side.
7. Similarly to step 4, loop the rope under and back over the rope nearest the neck of the MW. Pull tight. You can adjust the placement of the MW easily up to this step, so make any final adjustments.
Magic Wand rope tutorial steps8. Create a ladder of ties down the MW by pulling the rope under the handle, leaving a loop to pass back through. This keeps the MW from sliding around on the seat.
I chose to do three of these ties (two above the buttons and one below), but you can add more or less. For me, three is sturdy, without feeling crowded or getting in the way of the controls.
Magic Wand rope tutorial steps9. Part the rope. Tie one piece around the front, right, chair leg and the other around the left.
Magic Wand rope tutorial stepsPassing the rope behind the leg then tying it to itself keeps everything as taught as possible. Then, wrap the excess rope down the leg, knot the bottom, and tuck the end under.

That’s it! Sit, and enjoy.

Check out my review of Twisted Monk rope for free shipping/$10 off and the Magic Wand Rechargeable to see what else you can do with this power-babe of a vibrator.

Thank you so much for checking this tutorial out,
and let me know if you try it!




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