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The New York Toy Collective Carter is my engagement cock. My partner proposed to me with a ring and I said yes with a dildo. Mostly, the Carter showed up in the mail at a reeeaaally opportune time, but we had both been lusting after it since trying the NYTC Shilo, so wrapping it in a box and presenting it to her as my “yeah, I’ll do the marriage thing with you,” was pretty ideal. Since then, it’s become one of my most used dildos.

This is by far my most requested video, so let’s get right into it…

The Good, The Bad, And The Bulge

The Carter is a posable dildo, meaning it has a metal core that can bend and hold different angles. This has two purposes: it allows for sex without “pop-outs” or uncomfortable poking that less flexible dildos can cause, and it makes for pack and play possibilities. New York Toy Collective also has two smaller dildos made with this badass, bendable technology: the Shilo and the (longer) Mason.

I made a video of me packing the Shilo because it’s really fucking good at it. New York Toy Collective CarterThe Carter, on the other hand, is a bit more difficult. The hard silicone of the base extends about a half inch up into the shaft, helping to support the extra girth, but making it less flexible for packing. Plus, ya know, it has 2 inches of girth and 8 inches of length (7.5 insertable), so discretion is… hard [pun, wholeheartedly intended].

When packing, the Carter is a majestic mountain of bulge with a sprawling peen-outline. I bow to whoever packs the Carter in public, because it is a mighty cock. And while I would feel uncomfortable wearing it out, I did have a great time romping around my living room to show you how it looks under some different clothing options:

  1. Boxer briefs: I think I turned myself on a bit. Maybe Calvin Klein ads have invaded my subconscious, but damn.
  2. Leggings: Not even my thickest, tightest leggings could contain the bulge powers of the Carter. It definitely packs best when there’s more structure to hold it.
  3. Tight pants: “Are you smuggling an exotic snake in your crotch?” Nope, it’s my glorious cock.
  4. Dress: I had to position the Carter so the base was flush with one of my thighs, then tuck the head under the band of my harness, but it was surprisingly imperceptible under this skirt.
  5. Onesie: Everything looks great in a onesie.

Whether you’re using the Carter to pack and bang or just bang, it’s a prime, girthy option. As I mentioned, the flexible core can make sex a lot smoother. Rigid dildos resist the body’s natural shape and movement, but the Carter adapts to them. Since it’s made of smooth, plush silicone, with a surprisingly small amount of drag, the Carter is really comfortable to insert. Also, the combination of girth and squish allow me to feel the veins running along its shaft, but not be overwhelmed by texture. My favorite part of the Carter’s shape though, is how full it makes me feel. It’s like a really well-fitting pair of pants… but for my vagina…? Something like that.

New York Toy Collective CarterWhile I adore its girth, the Carter is not the g-spot dream I experienced with the Shilo. It has a far less prominent coronal ridge, which is fantastic for thrusting smoothly, and gives me a hint of g-spot stimulation, but definitely not enough to make me reach for the Carter when that’s what I’m craving.

As for the color of the Carter, this was my very first flesh-toned dildo, and I’m damn glad. I chose the “Almond” shade because of my partner’s desire for a dildo closer to their own skin-color, as opposed my usual mer-alien color choices, but I ended up really liking it. I see it as another shade in a rainbow of dildos, while my partner feels like it’s closer to their own body part. Both of those factors combined and opened me up to other neutral-toned dildos that I ended up loving, so bless the Carter for that. This shade is closer to my hyper-pale, nearly-translucent skin than to my partner’s tanner tone, but NYTC has three darker skin shades, as well as four vibrant colors (including a sparkly pink, and you know my feelings about that).

If You Read Nothing Else

My partner told me there was no way of discreetly packing the Carter, unless maybe you are wearing JNCOs, and I might have proven her wrong with a skirt, but it’s never-the-less a bold packer. However, it’s bendiness works wonderfully for conforming to the shape and position of the body during sex, and that’s why I love it. If you’re not into such a large diameter or need more g-spot stimulation, check out the Shilo, and if you need more length, try the Mason. However, if you’re craving a larger dildo that makes you feel full without the rigidity of harder toys, I’m performing jazz hands around this babe of a dildo for you.

You can get your own Carter from: NY Toy Collective, SheVibe, Babeland, and Come As You Are.

A huge thank you to New Toy Toy Collective for sending me the Carter in exchange for my honest and unbiased review!

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