Monthly Loves: Pizza Cat Pins and Pillowy Butt Plugs

March! It’s slightly less cold.

I’ve been wanting to start posting monthly favorites for a while, but kept talking myself out of it, because I am terrible at committing to regular anythings: meals, periods, and especially reoccurring blog posts (need I mention my long overdue “Orgasm Reviews“).

However, I can’t fight the urge to share some of the art, blogs, femme things, and whatever else is giving me heart eyes at the moment. These categories will change each month with what I include, and hopefully you’ll find something rad and new.

Get On My Face

Nyx’s Soft Matte Lip Cream in Prague
I’m usually deep into vampy colors, but spring has me feeling pink. This stuff is moussey but matte and really easy to throw on. It also smells like cake batter, which mostly makes me hungry.

Get On My Body

This floral and polka-dot mesh brahhhhhhh….
Excuse me, I went into a trance from my own desire (and they’re almost entirely sold out). Alexandrea Anissa makes pretty underthings, and their femme photo shoots include some of the most babin’ babes, like Laura Vudé and Isabel Hendrix. Bless!

Sex Toy Babes

A small company that produces big toys. Their silicone comes in two densities: squishy and mega squishy. On the #tourdesex2k15 back in November, I felt up a bunch of their toys at Leather Man, and got their small Egg plug in “firm.” It’s like a pillowy Tantus Ryder, and I’m pretty keen on it this month.

Spectrum Boutique
New, super-cool, body-safe sex toy shop. They often work with the design studio OTHER, which I adore, because yes please to gorgeous, design-oriented photos of sex toys.

Art Goodness

QueerFeelings by Adrien Leavitt
I can’t get enough of these portraits and their exceptionally intimate mundanity. Every time a new one of these queer vignettes shows up in my feed, I am joyed, so do yourself the pleasure and follow them on Instagram or Tumblr.

Our View From Here by Linn Meyers
I cannot wait to visit this piece when it opens (May 12th)! Not only is Linn Meyers living my art dreams by filling 360 degrees of wall space in the Hirshhorn museum, but she works in these mesmerizing waves of lines that I’m so interested to see in person.

The Lovers by Gemma Flack
MMPH, Gemme Flack’s work is angry femmes galore, and I love it! I feel like a print of this needs some wall space in my future office/studio.

Other Magical Things

This pin by Meow Meow Tweet
It’s a reclining cat with a slice of pizza.
It’s. A reclining cat. With a slice. Of pizza.

Having a dog at work.
It’s been a while since I’ve had a dog of my own, so I’m an avid dog creep, times 1000. Thankfully, my boss has a majestic rescue dog that likes to nudge my leg.

This post is not sponsored, I just can’t contain my heart eyes. If you want to see more of the stuff I love, check out my Pinterest (no heinously impossible crafts or recipes, I promise).

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