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leg rope bondageTell Me How You Really Feel

On top of my heart eye, grabby-hands when it comes to how pretty this rope is, it also managed to change how I feel about my own abilities. Twisted Monk clearly puts a lot of care into their products, as well as making sure their customers are informed and safe, which is definitely visible in this beginner-geared kit.

The Basics

Twisted Monk’s Curiosity Kit is one of their many rope kits, and it comes with three coils of 6mm hemp or cotton rope (two 15ft, one 30ft), a pair of safety shears, and a “getting started” DVD. Sweet, sweet knowledge! This is all packaged in a plastic bag that’s sealed with care instructions.

The Good, The Bad, And My Rope Rehab

My first coil of rope was a last-ditch free shipping decision, as in, I needed to bump my order total over a certain amount to receive free shipping, and rope seemed like a good thing to spend that $6 on. It was unremarkable, mass-produced, mystery rope with plastic ends like shoelaces, and over the next few months, I watched the rope pill and the plastic caps peel off. Then, in walked (shipped?) Twisted Monk

As a reviewer and consumer, I run into a lot of companies with questionable practices, so when I find people who actually give a shit and run their business in a careful, thoughtful way, I want people to see them. Twisted Monk is one of those… gold star, cool as hell companies. Their rope is hand conditioned and dyed, as well as vegan (yep, there is such as thing a non-vegan rope, due to the use of certain dyes and finishing methods). Twisted Monk is concerned with education, having fun, and being safe. In fact, Twisted Monk is adamant that safety comes before all else, so they guarantee that if you have to cut your rope, they will replace it. Plus, cats!
Twisted Monk rope kitThe Rope
The first thing I noticed about this rope is the color. There are 8 colors to pick from (plus the option to split colors), but this “grape” shade is something of my vamp dreams: a rich, intense burgundy [currently seeking matching lipstick]. It is beautifully uniform, and consistent across all of the rope in my kit. It doesn’t rub off on skin, though it did transfer to the neck of my Magic Wand Rechargeable when tying it up. Thankfully, it easily wiped off, and when I investigated by vigorously rubbing this rope on dozens of other toys, I couldn’t find any it left marks on (including other parts of the Magic Wand). I’m currently blaming aliens, until I find out more.Twisted Monk rope whipping closeup

The ends of the rope fade to their natural color where they were cut, and the black whipping (the thread at the ends of the rope to stop it from unraveling) is beautiful. You can tell Twisted Monk puts a lot of craftsmanship into their whipping, as well as a guarantee that it will last as long as the rope does. Much thanks to that [see admitted clumsiness below]!

You can order Twisted Monk rope in plenty of lengths (by the foot), but the Curiosity Kit specifically comes will two different lengths that can always be joined together if needed. 30′ is what I used for both my strap-on harness and Magic Wand chair tie tutorials, and it’s great for chest or body harnesses, while 15′ is good for sturdy cuffs and limb ties. Both lengths are 6mm in diameter, which is a favorite for most uses. Twisted Monk also carries 4mm and 8mm, depending on what you’re using it for.

This is hemp rope, meaning it smells like… hemp, which reminds me of Vermont cow farms and middle school macrame. Thankfully, other people have more appealing associations with this scent, like getting it on in some hay bales (Opium Vulpes). The smell isn’t strong and doesn’t transfer to your hands/skin, but it’s undoubtedly distinctive. Maybe it’s my nostalgia or just knowing what this rope can do, but I love the smell.

Twisted Monk hemp ropeHemp also has other properties that make it fantastic for bondage: it’s strong, durable, long-lasting, and it holds ties really well. The same fibers that keep knots from slipping also make hemp coarser than materials like silk or bamboo. Twisted Monk’s conditioning and oiling takes away the scratchiness of raw hemp though, and as someone with deeply sensitive skin, I’ve never found it irritating.

I wouldn’t say I prefer this texture over softer ropes, but I definitely prefer how dense and secure it is. I’m a clumsy, fumbly human, so the weight and grip of this rope helps me to better feel what I’m doing, which makes me more confident and comfortable when I’m tying. As a beginner, that’s a huge plus for me.

This stuff is also wonderfully low-maintenance. Just let it be, unless it gets something on it like body fluid or food from a bondage and burrito party. In case of guac or salsa, here are some cleaning instructions. Otherwise, just keep it loosely coiled in a dry place out of direct sunlight. No worries if it doesn’t look like a unicorn pooped out a perfect rope coil, just make sure it’s free of knots or kinks so that it lasts longer and is easier to use. Check this tutorial if you need some ideas.

EMT safety shearsCut It
Even if you never have to use them, EMT shears are a tool of safety and trust (even with yourself), because you never know when you or someone else is going to need to be released from their tie like… NOW. These are your basic steel shears with black, plastic handles (lefty shears have blue handles) and a rounded nose (hence the safety aspect). Most importantly, they work, as confirmed by free-shipping rope!

Watch It
This DVD is a compilation of 17 video tutorials that you can also find on Twisted Monk’s YouTube channel. My favorite thing about them is that they’re approachable. Most are shot in one take, so you see everything in real time and catch humorous comments and little hold-up, which makes them really relatable. The videos cover basic limb ties and chest harnesses, how to combine those to form more elaborate ties, plus some extras with Midori and DeLano. The filming is clear and the narration is concise, so they’re easy to follow, although there are no captions. If you need subtitles, your best bet is the auto-generator on YouTube, which provides gems like “EMT fears”, or a selection of professionally translated tutorials, if you read Spanish.

If You Read Nothing Else

As much as I’ve made fun of my first rope, it did serve its purpose (roping like all rope should), but it was a “get what you pay for” situation. Twisted Monk is also a “get what you pay for” situation; with the higher price comes carefully crafted, quality rope from people who love rope and care about your well-being. I also feel some feels about this rope that I didn’t anticipate, like how the specific weight and texture give me a confidence boost. As for the Curiosity Kit, I love the idea, and it’s definitely a deal for this much rope, though I wish there were more on the DVD than you can find online: extra tutorials or even behind-the-scenes footage/ interviews. If you’re on a budget, check out the cotton Curiosity Kit or some a la carte rope (with shears on the side).

P.S. Use the code FEMMECOCK10 for $10 off orders of $75+ and check out the cat banner Twisted Monk made me in my sidebar, as a testament to their coolness.

Thank you to Twisted Monk for sending me the Curiosity Kit and rope in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

5 thoughts on “Review: Twisted Monk Hemp Rope and Curiosity Kit

  1. Oh god, so many pictures of pretty rope! I’m glad to see a review of such an awesome brand. I keep meaning to put in an order but can’t decide on a colour. I would never call this colour Grape (I’d say it’s more of a cranberry or wine?) but it’s amazingly gorgeous and I need it in my life. The cow scent nostalgia kinda squicks me out, so maybe cotton would be the better fit for me.

    I’m so glad it performs so well and supporting supportive companies is always a great move.

    • So glad you enjoyed it! Twisted Monk is full of terrific people and products. Agreed, it’s such a gorgeous color!!!
      The smell of hemp is distinctive, but you have to put your nose on it to smell it, and thankfully it doesn’t smell like cows, just reminds me of the farms I would drive by as a kid. If it’s not your thing and you don’t plan on using it for suspension though, cotton is a good choice.
      May the dreamy rope be with you!

  2. I love to go drool over Twisted Monk’s rope, but I have been getting a kick out of buying unfinished ropes and conditioning them myself. Kinky craft time is the best! Maybe when I want some of those gorgeous colors…

    As far as matching lipstick goes, I bet Wet n Wild’s “Cherry Bomb” is close. And it’s only like $2, so you really can’t go wrong.

    Thank you for providing the sparkly, femme, pastel sex blog I’ve been dreaming of!

    • So true, I love me some kinky crafts! They’re definitely good on the colors (or sparkle) though *heart eyes*.

      I’ll check it out. I have a lot of burgundy lip colors, but none are perfect, so the search continues!

      And of course, I’m so glad there are sparkly femme appreciators out there who enjoy it!

  3. Hello!
    Thank you for such a lovely and well-presented review. I’m very new to all of this, and it’s nice to know of a good (and vegan!) brand. Also, having grown up in the countryside, the whole “natural” scent is a great thing 😉


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