I realize that the focus of this blog is “a queer, femme dyke’s thoughts on sex and sex toys,” and this is not about sex or sex toys. However, there’s a reason I establish my identity in that description; because my perspective is just as vital to the landscape of this blog as the subject of my writing.

This week, I had a post scheduled that very much exemplifies “thoughts on sex and sex toys,” but I feel too heavy to move along in a queue without making space here to remember the shooting that killed 49 people and injured many more at Pulse, an LGBTQ nightclub in Orlando, Florida. So many queer, trans, Latinx, and other people of color were slayed in a space intended to be safe for them. That cannot be forgotten.

This is not a post to express my outrage, amplify voices of hate, debate politics, analyze motives, work through my own grief, or call to action. This is a memorial for all who were lost and a safe space for all who need it. Below are some resources that may guide you in healing, acting, understanding, or caring for other, as well as some words of strength and advice that have pooled in my mind over the past few days.

A list of free support resources.
GoFundMe to help victims and their families.
A list of local community events.
The names of the people who were killed.

Two nights ago, my local vigil ended in a resounding chant of “we are here, we are here, we are here.” It was an anthem of both support and resistance, a defining of our space and community, and a challenge to all who wish to break it. So I want to say, WE ARE HERE.

You are loved.
You are heard.
You are not alone.

Hear the varied voices of the queer community as well as the silence of those who cannot speak.
Be discerning and compassionate, towards others as well as yourself.
We are strong and we will grow stronger together.



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