Review: POP Ejaculating Dildo

POP ejaculating dildoThe POP ejaculating dildo could have been the subject of a large, creepy photo collage on my wall of clipped news articles. Usually, I’m more aloof when it comes to new toys, semi-jaded from so many “revolutionary” and “ground-breaking” flops, but the POP’s collaboration between Semenette (a company focused on sanitary ejaculating dildos) and Fun Factory (a company that I already trust to make quality toys) definitely intrigued me.

This is no ordinary dildo, which caused me to have a lot thoughts and feelings, resulting in a very hearty review, so we’re going to do things a little differently this time and break it all down. Feel free to skip around or just read right through!

The Basics
What is it? And how is it different?
Some Assembly Required
Ejaculate! AKA Lube Recommendations
Does it work?
Strap-On Use
By Hand
Materials and Cleaning
If You Read Nothing Else

POP ejaculating dildo size

Length: 7”
Insertable Length: 6.5″
Diameter: 1.65”
Base Diameter: 3″
Colors: dark gray (pictured), deep magenta,
light tan, dark brown
Parts and Materials:
POP Dildo (1) Platinum-Cure Silicone
Bulb (1) Platinum-Cure Silicone
Luer Lock Fittings (3) Plastic
Tubes (3) Silicone w/ FDA compliant resins
Tip Plugs (3) Casted Urethane Polymer

What is it? And how is it different?

The POP is a mid-sized dildo that’s the same shape as the Boss dildo. They’re both made from matte silicone, are anal safe and strap-on compatible, but the POP has the added feature of ejaculating.POP ejaculating dildo parts

I’m pretty indifferent about the shape when inserted. I’m into the velvety matte silicone, but the POP doesn’t naturally hit my g-spot or provide a lot of stimulation. However, I do think it will appeal to a lot of people, especially if their pubic bone isn’t forever guarding their g-spot. The silicone is on the hard side, similar to other Fun Factory dildos or single-density Tantus toys, which is good to target certain spots, but also means it doesn’t bend or give with body movement.

The function and uniqueness of the POP is really what makes it though. There are a lot of other ejaculating dildos out there, but most follow a distinct pattern: they’re very large, representative of a penis, and made from porous PVC that can trap bacteria. The only other silicone options (besides the original Semenette) are fantasy (dragon/animal-inspired) designs, which leaves a huge gap for folks seeking a less representational look in a safe, sanitizable material. The POP has both of those things down, plus the addition of removable and replaceable tubes. This allows the POP to safely be used for insemination or with other fluids.

Also differentiating it from most other ejaculating dildo designs is the bulb that releases the liquid. Many squirting dildos use syringes for this, while the POP uses a small, soft, opaque bulb that works like a large medicine dropper.

Some Assembly Required

All parts of the POP come disassembled, making them easier to clean and replace when needed, but this means that you have to pull out your Ikea skills before using it. The assembly is pretty simple and the included pamphlet explains the process. This video is also a great help if you need visuals. Allow me to paint you a short, bulletted picture…

  1. Thread the tube through the POP, leaving some tubing at both the top and bottom.
  2. Push the tip plug into the top of the tube.
  3. Twist the bulb onto the white “luer lock fitting” (aka white plastic thing) and insert it into the bottom of the tube.
  4. Squeeze the bulb, dip the tip into your fluid of choice, and release to draw in the liquid.
  5. Pull the tube down until the tip is flush with the head of the POP.
  6. Press the excess tubing into the crevice on the base.
  7. Assume a confident super hero stance with your ejaculation-ready dildo.POP ejaculating dildo parts

The one thing the manual didn’t explain was how to remove all of this. To pull the tube out, you have to use your nails or a small tool to dig the tip plug out of the top. If you pull down, you risk the tip plug lodging inside the POP, which is not ideal. Another tip is to keep the bag for these little pieces (pictured to the right). I don’t know about you, but I can’t be responsible for things this tiny. I usually keep the POP in its original box, so I know where everything is.


Although the original Semenette was marketed to people looking for an insemination tool, the POP seeks to appeal to people who want an ejaculating dildo for other reasons: roleplay, gender expression, phallic water guns. Of course, the POP can be used with semen, but for this review, I used lube. If we’re being realistic, my cock would probably jiz glitter, but as glitter isn’t body-safe and so many people are curious about fluids that resemble semen, here we go!

Sliquid Silk color textureMy top suggestion for lube is Sliquid Silk (pictured to the left): a hybrid lube (water-based with 12% silicone) that’s toy safe, milky, smooth, and long lasting. It’s not a sticky, opaque “cum” consistency, but it’s a quality lube that’s at least cum-inspired. Ride Bodyworx hybrid is also a comparable option.

“Cum” lubes do exist, but beyond cringe-inducing names like Nut Butter, and Jizzle Juice (no joke), I have yet to find one that doesn’t include questionable ingredients. By questionable, I mean ingredients that are possibly irritating or can leave the body more susceptible to STIs and other infections. This includes more common brands that resemble semen like Spunk, Fuck Water, Liquid Silk, and Gun Oil Loaded. You know your body best, but I don’t recommend them for genital use. Although, you may choose to lube it up elsewhere on the body or make “fake semen” out of common (non-vegan) food products if it’s not going near genitals.

Whatever you choose, stay away from oil-based products. They’re far harder to clean with water and will more-easily coat the inside of the tube and bulb. Similarly, 100% silicone lube may react poorly to POP’s silicone, so avoid that, or make sure to do a spot test first.

You can also warm the liquid up to be closer to body temperature. Leaving the bulb in a glass of hot water didn’t work, but putting a shot glass of lube inside another glass of hot water for about 10 minutes did the trick.

Does it Work?

So you Ikea the tube, bulb, connectors, and dildo together, then suck up your chosen fluid… so, does it work? Yeah! In some circumstances better than others, but the POP has yet to fail me.

Much of the POP‘s performance lies with the bulb, which has a harder time pushing out thicker liquids at a fast pace. It’s easy to create a gushing effect with water or thin lubricants, but heavier lubricants like Sutil are more prone to drizzling or sputtering, even if you use a lot of force when pressing the bulb. Sliquid Silk’s consistency is somewhere in the middle. Cue the examples!

POP ejaculating dildo squirtingWater at full force.POP ejaculating dildo squirtingSutil at full force.POP ejaculating dildo squirtingSutil released slowly.

While the bulb provides less control than the syringes of other ejaculating designs, it is far more comfortable to hold and tuck into a harness. It’s also easier to squeeze, especially if you have pain in your hands or limited dexterity, since it only requires two fingers and minimal strength to press. It’s also easier when you’re multitasking (AKA, generally having sex/masturbating) and you have lube or other fluids on your hands.POP ejaculating dildo

However, it doesn’t provide a fantastical fountain-o-jiz, if that’s what you’re looking for (as illustrated by the fountain at this year’s Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit). Most ejaculating dildos have an exaggerated, “but wait, there’s more!” experience, while the bulb included with the POP is more modest, holding 20mL (about 1.3tbs). Another differentiation from syringes it that you can’t see the remaining contents of the bulb since it’s not clear, so you never know how much is left inside. Thankfully, if you’re looking for a larger capacity, you can buy a larger bulb, which holds 65mL (4.4tbs). And if you like the ability to “reload”, the bulb easily twists off to refill or to attach another pre-loaded bulb.

Overall, the POP works according to plan: it squirts, doesn’t leak, and the parts stay together, but there are limitations to quantity and performance that make me wonder if Semenette will provide other options in the future.

Strap-On Use

Leading up to testing the POP with a strap-on for the first time was an interesting conversation with my partner. We suddenly had to consider this whole other element that was never present before. It was basically the four Ws of jiz: who will wear it, what will be in it, when will they ejaculate, where will they ejaculate? And then there are the unforeseen questions and learning curve.

First, there’s deciding where to tuck the tube. Thankfully, the base sits comfortably against the body like any other dildo, since the tube exits through the side of the base. The tube is very flexible and easy to manipulate, so it lays flat under a brief-style harness. A strap harness requires you to thread it behind a strap or two to keep it secure, but it doesn’t feel bulky or uncomfortable. I also dream of loosely tying it into a rope harness, because I’m all about that attention to detail.POP ejaculating dildo base

Placement also comes into play with the bulb. The first time my partner and I used the POP, we had the bulb sticking out of the waistband of her RodeoH harness, where it kept shifting and getting caught under body rolls or between up. Keeping the bulb outside the harness is nice for a visual on where it is, but it’s more secure and out of the way when kept under the fabric of a brief harness or underwear, closer to the sides of the body where there’s less activity. However, the length of tube from the right side of the base is around 7.25”, so its reach and placement depends on the wearer’s body. Investigating all of the above did lead me to find a new appreciation for the tiny pocket inside the Tomboi harness though, because why not put a little jiz pump in there?

Our third question was more personal than practical, and it was something I didn’t even think about until my partner had the POP strapped on and they looked up to ask, “so, who squeezes it?” I just assumed that the ejaculator would be the one…. ejaculating, but when ejaculation involves compressing a little lube-filled bulb, technically anyone can be the executive of the jiz.

As for how it felt as the receptive partner? There’s not much internal sensation other than feeling ultra-lubricated afterwards. I thought that maybe releasing the ejaculate at a shallower depth would provide more sensation vaginally, as if my cervix were a bullseye in a carnival game. One, my cervix resents that and two, it didn’t work.

However, you also don’t have to use the POP internally. You and your partner may decide to ejaculate elsewhere, which can provide more visual stimulation. Some people gain pleasure from just the thought of sex that incorporates ejaculation and the knowledge that they’re giving/receiving that ejaculate, while others are attracted to the sight of cum or the performative act of coming. You may also not be using the POP on a person, but for masturbation with your hand or a stroker. It all depends on individual interest.

Personally, I love dildo blow jobs, so the POP adds a new aspect to that. Sadly, it’s not a great BJ dildo, since the design is pretty awkward in the mouth: the girth, the pronounced head, the harder silicone, the curve. So if blow jobs are your main interest in the POP, try the original Semenette, which has a straighter shape.

By Hand

One of the best things about the shape of Fun Factory designs are the bases, which includes the POP. It’s a clover-esque shape that gives your fingers more places to grip than a circular base.

When using the POP internally on oneself, I like to pin the bulb against the base with one of my fingers, so my other hand is free to do something other than squeeze the bulb (I type, as the Magic Wand is befittingly resting next to me). You may also want to set the POP on the ground or a chair to free up both hand, but it doesn’t have a suction cup base, so strapping it down with a harness or securing it into a wedge might work better. As I mentioned above, there are so many ways you may want to use the POP, so if you have any questions or ideas, let me know in the comments!

Materials and Cleaning

This is not a low-maintenance dildo. When your dog eats half of your toys, you get pretty good at cleaning and putting them away, but the POP requires some next-level attention.

The body of the POP is the easiest to care for, since it’s made of silicone and all other parts can be removed from it. Cleaning is as easy as soap and water with the option to sanitize in the dish washer, 10% bleach solution, or pot of boiling water.POP ejaculating dildo lube

There is one caveat: the hole. I’d only use the POP when fully assembled, unless you enjoy threading paper towels through tiny tunnels with chop-sticks, as per the Plunge.

The tubes are also silicone, so they can be sanitized, but Semenette suggests replacing them since the inner hole is so small and difficult to keep clean. For this, they make a refill kit with five tubes (and attachment parts) and one extra bulb. How often you replace or don’t replace these tubes is up to you. POP’s suggestion is after each use to ensure a 100% sanitary environment (definitely preferable for insemination), but you can also boil them or flush with a 10% bleach solution if you want to hang onto them for longer.

My number one suggestion for cleaning the tubes and other hollow pieces is to not let things dry inside them. Fluids don’t just exit the POP, they also get sucked back in (I have a period fuck to prove it). That’s stuff you don’t want hanging around, and it gets even harder to clean once dry.

For general cleaning, I keep all the pieces assembled and flush them with soapy water. I do this a few dozen times, then switch to clear water and repeat. I also swirl the little plastic bits in a glass of soapy water after disassembling everything. Essentially, the key is repetition, since you can’t clearly see inside the parts to know they’re clean.

If You Read Nothing Else

POP ejaculating dildo boxThe POP is the only ejaculating dildo currently on the market that I would recommend. It’s attractive, thoughtfully designed, and it works well. It has some drawbacks: its not the easiest to clean, the bulb it comes with is small, and the replacement tubes/larger bulb are expensive. Compared to other ejaculating dildos that can never be sanitized or disassembled though, the POP is hanging out far above the rest. If you’re looking for a quality ejaculating dildo for insemination or otherwise, this is it.

Many thanks to SheVibe and Semenette for sending me the POP in exchange for my honest opinion!

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