Review: Vondage Vegan Bondage Line

Vondage black faux-fur vegan bondage cuffs, collar, leash, blindfold, and hog-tie on a white sheet with small gray Xs printed on itTell Me How You Really Feel

Stockroom’s release of the Vondage line elicited a special kind of nerdy delight in me, but my initial glee became more nuanced after finding a need for WD-40 and contemplating if my eyelids have ever been cold enough to warrant a face sweater. Having spent years digging for vegan BDSM options, culminating in an ongoing list of vegan sex and kink gear, I hoped Vondage would be the mid-priced, faux-leather line that was missing. It delivers, but there are a few caveats.

The Basics

While Stockroom has created and sold PVC products and they just released a collection of all silicone gear, this is their first line of leather-alternative wears. The Vondage collection includes the items I’ll be reviewing in this post (wrist and ankle cuffs, collar, leash, hog-tie, and blindfold) as well as a muzzle, strap-on harness, two gag styles, and a cock ring. Here are some specs and individual thoughts on each product before I get into my feelings about the collection.Vondage black faux-fur vegan bondage cuffs on a white sheet with small gray Xs printed on itLocking, buckling wrist and ankle cuffs: The wrist cuffs are 2” wide, fitting a circumference of 5.5-8” and the ankle cuffs are 2.5” wide, fitting 6-12.5”, but you can choose whichever cuffs fit whichever part of your body best. They don’t come with a double ended clip, so you need to provide your own means of attaching them to each other or anything else, whether it be clips, rope, the Vondage hog-tie, or whatever you prefer. Locks are also sold separately.Vondage black faux-fur vegan bondage collar and leash on a white sheet with small gray Xs printed on itLocking, buckling collar: The collar is 1.75” wide, fitting a circumference of 14” to 21,” but it does expand up to 42” if you don’t double wrap the strap (more on that below). I’ve used it around my thigh to hold down a dildo for hard packing, but my neck is about an inch too small for it. Like the cuffs, this collar doesn’t come with a lock, if you want to use one.Vondage black faux-fur vegan bondage leash with metal chain on a white sheet with small gray Xs printed on itLeash with 3 foot chain: Bless the leash-enthusiast babes who helped me compile the following properties to look for in a leash, since leashes rarely makes their way into my kink practices. This leash has a reassuringly heavy weight and the chain makes the signature clatter of metal. The connectors on either side of the chain rotate for a wide range of movement. The hand loop is structured, but it doesn’t provide more than a mild tap when used for impact play, if you’re looking for a multi-purpose handle.Vondage black faux-fur vegan bondage hog-tie on a white sheet with small gray Xs printed on itVondage black faux-fur vegan bondage hog-tie metal clip resting in open hand over a white sheet with small gray Xs printed on itHog-tie: This hog-tie is comprised of a center o-ring and four swiveling clips, attached by 3” long strips of microfiber. All the clips on mine were pretty stiff, and two would stay open until they were physically pushed shut (second image). In my mind, my father appeared in the sky like Mufasa, holding a can of WD-40. Since I don’t own WD-40, I used the sex equivalent – silicone lube. Some Uberlube helped the clips open and close easier, but they’re still iffy sometimes.Vondage black faux-fur vegan bondage blindfold on a white sheet with small gray Xs printed on itVondage black faux-fur vegan bondage blindfold lined with faux-fur being held by a hand with teal nailsPolyfleece-lined Blindfold: The elastic band is comfortable and it makes getting the blindfold on and off easy, ensuring that it’s snug. I wish they used a softer lining though; this material makes me feel like I’m wearing an eyelid sweater made of craft fur. On the upside, the shape hugs the face for a really effective and comfortable blindfold.

The Good, The Bad, and Picking Favorites

Most stores will make or carry a few vegan pieces, but they’re usually cuffs, collars, and impact toys, so kudos to Stockroom for making such a variety of non-leather products available in one place. Since everything is cohesive, you can buy multiple items and know they match, but you do have to like this general aesthetic: black with prominent, silver hardware.The back of the Vondage black faux-fur vegan bondage hog-tie, revealing a tag printed with the words "Vondage made in the USA," on a white sheet with small gray Xs printed on itMade of a microfiber that prompted my partner to ask why I was reviewing leather products, I have to give this material credit. It has the signature surface texture of leather and a soft backing that mimics suede. It’s flexible but strong, and it breathes well, nixing the swampy feeling rubber and other synthetic materials can cause. Basically, I have dreams about this type of leather alternative being used for… everything.

A Vondage faux-leather cuff next to a KinkyVegan faux-leather cuff

While this material is prime, it is thin and the edges aren’t folded or finished, so the cuffs and collar feel less substantial than others. For me, cuffs with slightly more padding help distribute weight more evenly and have a “held” sensation, like an affirming hug. The photo to the left shows a Vondage cuff (left) and a KinkyVegan cuff (right), which uses two layers of microfiber. The extra layer adds structure and comfort without feeling like an inner tube. However, if you prefer a slim profile or no padding, Vondage gives you that without being flimsy or weak.

a detail shot of the Vondage faux-leather vegan bondage collar with a small flap of fabric lifting away from the rest of the materialSince the edges are left raw, they also make flaws more noticeable, like this tiny nick on my collar (right). I imagine the lack of finishing elements keeps the cost down, but these are still in a $30-$50 price range, so I’d hope for less faults like this and the stiff clips on the hog-tie.

Despite my criticisms, the design of these cuffs and collar is Houdini-level. If your main concern is security, they are not playing around. Their strap can be woven through three notches in the band before buckling (and locking, if you like). Then, you can repeat this after you buckle the strap, so they’re not going anywhere.a Vondage faux-leather vegan bondage cuff being held by a hand that's lifting the thick metal d-ring up with one fingerOne of my favorite details of this collection is the hardware. It’s nickel-plated, so be mindful if you have an allergy, but the thick rings and buckles add to a sense of security and quality. You especially feel it with the chain, D-rings, and rivets that hold everything together, and aside from the problem I mentioned above with the hog-tie clips, everything swivels, clasps, and buckles as it should.

If You Read Nothing Else

The Vondage collection fits a gap in the BDSM market, with a variety of gear made from a leather alternative that’s strong, flexible, soft, and breathable. Still, I think some products are more successful than others. I would pass on the cuffs and collar, unless you enjoy designs with no padding or need something that’s extra secure, in favor of designs that are harder to find in vegan options, like the hog-tie, gags, muzzle, and even the fuzzy blindfold.

Thank you to Stockroom for providing these items in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.





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