Review: Pierre Packer by New York Toy Collective

purple silicone uncut Pierre packer sitting on a maroon sketchbook next to a markerTell Me How You Really Feel

The New York Toy Collective Pierre holds a special place in my heart (and pants) as my first soft packer. From its uncut design to the shimmery purple color, it’s a packer I immediately gravitated towards. Unsurprisingly, this first packer was accompanied by all my first time packing experiences, which taught me a lot about both the Pierre and myself.

The Basics

The Pierre is made of silicone, which makes it durable and easy to clean. It won’t hold onto bacteria from your body like more porous materials do. For general cleaning, soap and water is all you need, but you can also sanitize it in boiling water or a run through the dishwasher (top rack, sans detergent). The Pierre is squishy and soft, but it has a density that feels similar to a body part. The matte finish isn’t tacky, so you don’t need to dust it with corn starch or worry about excessive amounts of lint or hair sticking to it. The only surface that does get a bit tacky is the back of the balls. This works to your advantage if you’re packing sans harness/packing briefs, but you can also use the Pierre with a packing strap, packing underwear, or pouch.

purple silicone uncut Pierre packer on a reflective surface

The most distinctive aspect of the Pierre is that it’s uncut. This is still rare when it comes to packers (and dildos), so HELL YES to representation! You can’t retract the foreskin, but the silicone around the tip is pliable.

Another variation you don’t often see in packers is the flatter shape of the shaft – it’s more oval than an even, cylindrical shape. While not very noticeable when looking at the Pierre, the shape is helpful in creating a smoother pack, since this is no small design. The total length of the “regular” Pierre is 5.25 inches, and while the balls do have a flat back, they’re a fuller shape. Thankfully, if this is too big, NYTC makes a smaller 4 inch design — check Early to Bed for good comparison shots of the two sizes.

hand with teal nails holding a purple uncut Pierre packer to show the underside of the shaft, which has bands of darker purple

Overall, the Pierre’s design is detailed but stylized. It has subtle veins along the shaft and slight differences on either side of the balls and foreskin, but it’s otherwise fairly symmetrical.

Now, I’m really proud of myself for waiting this long to discuss one of my favorite aspects of this packer… IT’S PURPLE! For anyone who enjoys brightly colored bits, the Pierre comes in this vibrant, medium purple with an overall shimmer. Mine also has some gorgeous swirls on the base, balls, and underside of the shaft – a product of hand pouring the silicone. If purple isn’t your thing, the Pierre comes in four skin tones, blue, and a shimmery gold as well. The same goes for NYTC’s other (cut) packer, Archer.

My Experience

I am a femme cis woman, and this is my experience soft packing for the first time. For a trans man’s perspective on the Pierre, check out this great, captioned video by Chase Ross.

When I received the Pierre, I felt an immediate sense of, “YES, this is what I’ve been looking for!” I never imagined my packer to be skin toned, which is a hard request in a market that looks a lot like shopping for band-aids. So holding a purple, sparkly packer was really affirming and joy-inducing, and I know I’m not alone. As Bex said during a live recording of The Dildorks, “purple, glittery packers… that is someone’s gender. That is a lot of people’s gender, actually!”

photo of person from waist to knee wearing a black Tomboi harness with a purple uncut Pierre packer hanging out of the O-Ring, their hand lifting a white shirt to uncover the front of the harness

While I was entirely wooed by the color, I was hesitant about another aspect of the Pierre. My first time packing with it, I pulled the shaft through my Tomboi harness and shimmied on a pair of comfy boxer briefs. I shifted my weight from one leg to the other in a dance to familiarize myself with the new shape in my underwear, the Pierre brushing against my thighs. Looking down, an awkwardness set in with the unfamiliarity of my new, very prominent view. I contemplated whether I made the wrong choice in size, trying to imagine my bulge just a bit smaller. Since I can’t magically alter the size of my packer, I went about my night in the hopes that I’d acclimate. The more I moved, the more I appreciated the flat back cradling my body and the weight settling with me when I sat, until the Pierre’s size became less glaring.

a person from waist to thigh, hand on stomach under a white shirt, wearing black trunk style underwear with a bulge in the front from the purple uncut Pierre packer

The next couple weeks could have been the premise of a new home television show about finding the perfect residence for the Pierre [Pants Hunters: Packer Edition]. Since I’ve always been confined to a harness while hard packing or using pack & play designs, I had many options to explore: with a harness, with packing briefs, without either, in boxers, briefs, boxer briefs, shaft down, to one side, to the other side, in jeans, shorts, sweats, skirts, around the house, to work, during the sweaty walk to work… many options.

I now know that the endless crotch room of boxers is not for me but packing under a loose skirt or pair of high waisted shorts definitely is. The silicone feels comfortably close to my own body part and the flat back rests against me nicely. I prefer to pack with the shaft facing down, since it’s not very flexible in other positions. Most of my discomfort with the Pierre’s size can be remedied with a particularly snug pair of underwear, but I still contemplate the smaller option.

With my general wear preferences covered, the Pierre and I were good acquaintances. Then something unexpected happened.

flatlay on orange and pink geometric printed sheets with the Magic Wand Rechargeable tied with a red hankie, purple uncut Pierre packer, and tube of Sutil personal lubricant

One night—mid-masturbation session—my eyes found the pile of clothes I had flung off after work, including the Pierre, and I suddenly had an urge that I didn’t expect. After retrieving the Pierre from the floor, I held it against my pubic mound with the Magic Wand against its balls, pinning the Pierre to my body. With the pop of a lube cap, I was watching myself stroke my cock, while simultaneously feeling the stimulation from the Magic Wand. Both seeing and experiencing sensation through my packer unlocked something. The Pierre felt more like an extension of my body, and every time I’ve packed with it since, I’m aware of that distinction.

I can’t quite sum up the feelings I have about packing. Searching for the words, I reread my thoughts on the first time I wore a strap-on, and found parallels: discovering a “new naked” based on expression and empowerment. Strapping on led me to many new discoveries about my presentation and identity, and it seems like something similar is happening with packing. I’m not entirely sure why or what that means, so I imagine this review ending like the closing credits of The X-Files: with theme music that lets you know oh, there’s more.

If You Read Nothing Else

I’m beyond happy to have the Pierre as my first soft packer, appreciating everything from the uncut design and vibrant color to its matte silicone with just the right amount of squish. The one drawback for me is that it only comes in two very different size options. As a smaller person who wears tighter clothes, the large size is a bit too big for my comfort, but that will differ depending on your preferences, style, and body. If you’re looking for a packer with full balls or hyper-realistic features, that’s not the Pierre’s style. However, if you’re looking for a well designed, high quality packer with dreamy (skin toned and vibrant) color options, the Pierre’s got you. As for the ambiguous feelings the Pierre has given me… that will have to be its own post.

You can find all colors and sizes of the Pierre at New York Toy Collective’s website. Rad retailers Early To Bed and Come As You Are (for all you Canadians) also carry it.

Many thanks to New York Toy Collective for sending me the Pierre in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.








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