Review: Oxyd Creations Bike Tube Harness

black rubber Oxyd Creations strap-on harness laying flat on a light blue velvet materialTell Me How You Really Feel

If this was the unconventional material challenge on a sex-nerd Project Runway, the Oxyd Creations harness would take it, hands down. That program (sadly?) doesn’t exist, but this kick-ass harness made out of recycled bike tubes does, and it’s impressive. Beyond the style, it’s gorgeously made, comfortable, and multi-functional, but the rubber that contributes many of these pros also comes with a property that some might not enjoy.

The Good, The Bad, and The Chest Harness

black rubber Oxyd Creations strap-on harness laying flat on a light blue velvet material, showing the back of the design with a gear and bike chain sewn onto itBike tubes and sex gear are two items that usually don’t overlap, except in cases like this, when creative folks re-purpose bike tubes to make rad sex and kink gear. This is something I encountered in compiling my Big List of Vegan Sex and BDSM Things, but it wasn’t until now that I’d actually tried any of them.

The Oxyd harness was the perfect introduction too. It’s a classic jock-style with D-rings on both the thigh and waist straps, which can be adjusted to fit hips from 28.5 to 53 inches. To hold your dildo of choice, Oxyd includes both a 1.5” and 2” metal O-ring, secured by four snaps. You can also request metal rings up to 3.5 inches.

Although the functionality is familiar, the style is entirely unique. The semi-matte black rubber with metal accents give me post-apocalyptic, Resident Evil vibes. The bike tube outer is a collage of horizontal strips, some of which sport the original manufacturing text. Mine is the fully decked out design, but Oxyd also makes a version without the gear and chain on the back. Either way, the back panel is shaped for prime butt framing. To top it off, the construction is beautiful — you can tell Oxyd puts a lot of care into their work, which includes restraints and clothing.

Like many harnesses, the front panel adds a layer of cushion between the base of a dildo and the body, but it is removable. This makes for a more simplified style that covers less of the body. It also allows you to use a double ended dildo, blowjob dildo, or one with a textured base. If that wasn’t enough options for one harness, you can turn it around to wear as a top. This trick works with other strap designs, but Oxyd has the added style of the back panel, which goes from prime butt framing to prime chest framing.

Something I wasn’t expecting is how comfortable this rubber is. The bike tubes are pleasantly soft and flexible. If you ride or work with bikes, you may be thinking “well…yeah,” but as someone who’d never touched a bike tube before I was committed to covering my crotch in them, I was excited by this. The non-tacky matte finish of the tubes also helps you tighten the straps easily.

Black rubber Oxyd Creations strap-on harness laying flat on a light blue velvet material. The from panel is removed and there's a black Tantus dildo in the frame.

Both the front and back panels are lined with short, black felt, which eliminates a lot of my cringe-inducing concerns about sweating and sticky rubber. It provides additional structure to the harness as well, which is particularly helpful with the added weight of the metal pieces on the back. The structure ensures it doesn’t droop or fall down. The one drawback of the felt is that it collects hair and pills, so you’ll want to lint roll it once in a while.

Detail shot of the short felt that lines the Oxyd Creations strap-on harnessThe lining isn’t on the straps, so they retain the full stretch of the rubber. With more give than nylon, leather, or faux-leather, tightening them for the first time felt a little uncertain. But this stretch really helps the harness conform to the body, and after a couple uses, it felt normal.

Another surprise was the smell. Upon first whiff, the harness smells exactly like what it’s made of, but I didn’t notice it once on (likely because my crotch doesn’t have a nose). That was, until I wore it for about an hour — the faint scent of rubber wafting up to me, mid-missionary. I imagine the heat of longer use amplifies the smell, which explains why it went unnoticed during shorter wear or in positions with less body contact. For me, it’s not strong or offensive enough to ruin all the good about this harness, but you know your body and sensitivities best.

Despite my indifference about the smell, it led me to learn more about this material. The inner tubes are made of butyl rubber that’s entirely safe for skin contact from everything I’ve read. It’s commonly used to make protective clothing, which is reassuring, especially if your crotch wants to be a chemist. And for anyone with a latex allergy, Oxyd owner Kiri assures me that there’s no latex in these bike tubes.

If You Read Nothing Else

This is such a unique harness from a small, Canadian creator. It’s soft, comfortable, gorgeously constructed, and a durable alternative to leather harnesses. I can’t say enough good things about this design, but there is one aspect that might be off-putting: the rubber smell. Everyone experiences smells differently, so while it’s not a problem for me, it might be a deal breaker for some. If this is your style though, it’s a fantastic option. Plus it doubles as a badass chest harness!

You can get your own Oxyd Creations Harness from Come as You Are or SheBop.

Many thanks to Oxyd Creations for sending me this harness in exchange for an honest and unbiased review!

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