Review: Pierre Packer by New York Toy Collective

purple silicone uncut Pierre packer sitting on a maroon sketchbook next to a markerTell Me What You Really Think

The New York Toy Collective Pierre holds a special place in my heart (and pants) as my first soft packer. From its uncut design to the shimmery purple color, it’s a packer I immediately gravitated towards. Unsurprisingly, this first packer was accompanied by all my first time packing experiences, which taught me a lot about both the Pierre and myself.

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Including Kink in Masturbation & Self Care

A bundle maroon rope, two clothes pins, an njoy steel butt plug, silicone paddle, rainbow colored crop, metal chain, bottle of lube, and a glass bowl of two cacti restng on a dimly lit window sill.Conversations about sex toys and masturbation often center around vibrators, dildos, anal toys, and strokers, but it’s less often that people mention kink tools. Granted, that’s a broooooad category, but kinks don’t only exist when partners are around, so they can absolutely be part of someone’s solo sex practices. Many folks negotiate masturbation protocol in their D/s relationships, watch related porn, and truly any sex toy can be kinky if it’s part of your kinks [e.g. Bex’s Pure Plug or fantasy dildos]. It took me a long time to understand that masturbation doesn’t have to focus solely on genitals and orgasms, unless you want it to. Sure, sometimes all I want is mash the Magic Wand Rechargeable against my vulva before falling asleep, but these are the ways I incorporate my kinks into masturbation and self care, when I feel like it.

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Review: Vondage Vegan Bondage Line

Vondage black faux-fur vegan bondage cuffs, collar, leash, blindfold, and hog-tie on a white sheet with small gray Xs printed on itTell Me How You Really Feel

Stockroom’s release of the Vondage line elicited a special kind of nerdy delight in me, but my initial glee became more nuanced after finding a need for WD-40 and contemplating if my eyelids have ever been cold enough to warrant a face sweater. Having spent years digging for vegan BDSM options, culminating in an ongoing list of vegan sex and kink gear, I hoped Vondage would be the mid-priced, faux-leather line that was missing. It delivers, but there are a few caveats.

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Review: L’Amourose Prism VII

royal blue rabbit vibrator resting on top of a stack of records under a row of twinkle lightsTell Me How You Really Feel

If the L’Amourose Prism VII has taught me anything, it’s that it is really fucking hard to measure the distance from one’s vaginal opening to the clitoris! It’s not a measurement I was curious about until reading other reviews of this dual stimulation vibrator where the reviewer’s clit is left looking down at the VII’s external arm like “are you even trying?” As more of a stump than an arm, I see why, and yet this clit stump works for me.

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