The More You Know: Body Info

The Basics

I’m a cis woman. I have the body of a Hey Arnold character: skinny with long arms and legs, and I have no physical disabilities.

Bring on the genital facts!

This is a chocolate replica of my vulva via my Clone-A-Pussy review.

I have a prominent pubic bone that makes bulbous or drastically-curved g-spot toys feel like vaginal fishhooks.

Despite being shielded by my pubic bone, my g-spot is easy to find and relatively sensitive.

My right labia minora is visibly larger than my left. It can sometimes get in the way during penetration, but mostly it just chills out, looking like the vulva equivalent of a winking, tongue-out emoji.

My clitoral hood completely covers my clitoris, like a cute pink hat!

My clit’s sweet spot is over my clitoral hood, on the right side. Most of the time, direct stimulation is too overwhelming for me.

I need steady, pin-point, clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm.

I’ve never squirted. Though, not for lack of trying! *lights candles and forms a pentagram out of Pure Wands on a Liberator throe*

Sex toy stuff:

Largest thing I’ve put in my vagina: Is there a proper way to measure a fist? But since we’re talking about toys, the Njoy Eleven currently holds the spot of largest (and heaviest) toy I’ve used (2″ largest diameter, 11″ long), though not fully inserted, because my cervix has other plans. The NY Toy Collective Carter is also up there, but with far more give than the Eleven.

Largest thing I’ve put in my butt: The babe of a dildo that is the Shilo by NY Toy Collective (1.5″ in diameter and 6.5″ long).

Vibration threshold: On a scale from 1 (softest vibrations) to 5 (the Magic Wand), I can get off at a 3.

Rapid fire facts: I prefer rumbly vibrations over buzzy vibrations. I’m not a big fan of internal vibrations. Most vibe patterns induce consecutive eye rolls. I prefer non-mobile items in my butt, like plugs, but have recently found a love for anal sex with the right toy and mass amount of lube. I don’t enjoy highly textured insertables. My sex toy collection is disproportionately stocked with dildos because I can’t say no to a pretty, new cock.

Kink bits:

Identity: Switch with sub tendencies.

My kinks: Impact playbondage, fisting, sensory deprivation, glitter worship

This page was inspired by Pantophile Panic’s “Vagina Stats” page.
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