Monthly Loves: Sex Toy Crafts and Ejaculating Dildos

April! It’s over!

I did it, the second month of favorites! Sweet, sweet consistency! It may be the second week of May, but that’s just the type of April I had. Let’s move on to the good stuff…

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Monthly Loves: Pizza Cat Pins and Pillowy Butt Plugs

March! It’s slightly less cold.

I’ve been wanting to start posting monthly favorites for a while, but kept talking myself out of it, because I am terrible at committing to regular anythings: meals, periods, and especially reoccurring blog posts (need I mention my long overdue “Orgasm Reviews“).

However, I can’t fight the urge to share some of the art, blogs, femme things, and whatever else is giving me heart eyes at the moment. These categories will change each month with what I include, and hopefully you’ll find something rad and new.

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