Monthly Loves: Sex Toy Crafts and Ejaculating Dildos

April! It’s over!

I did it, the second month of favorites! Sweet, sweet consistency! It may be the second week of May, but that’s just the type of April I had. Let’s move on to the good stuff…

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Monthly Loves: Pizza Cat Pins and Pillowy Butt Plugs

March! It’s slightly less cold.

I’ve been wanting to start posting monthly favorites for a while, but kept talking myself out of it, because I am terrible at committing to regular anythings: meals, periods, and especially reoccurring blog posts (need I mention my long overdue “Orgasm Reviews“).

However, I can’t fight the urge to share some of the art, blogs, femme things, and whatever else is giving me heart eyes at the moment. These categories will change each month with what I include, and hopefully you’ll find something rad and new.

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The Origins of Artemisia FemmeCock

I’ve swapped dozens of cute pet photos, debated whether the drink is called a “fuzzy navel” or a “fuzzy nipple,” and learned the history of someone’s past three marriages, all before introducing myself to those people. I’m terrible with introductions. I just skip straight to the substance. To my benefit, none of those people introduced themselves either. To my fault, this blog has existed for over two years and I have only given you a short, though charming, About Me page.

However late it may seem, in the trajectory of my life, this is a fitting time for an intro. My blog is something I unabashedly disclose when meeting people now (maybe even before mentioning my name). That’s not something I could say two years, or even six months, ago due to a need to separate my blog from my day job… hence the pseudonym: Artemisia FemmeCock.

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I Love Faking It: A Personal History of Performed Orgasms

I started faking orgasms before I ever had a real orgasm.

In elementary school, my best friend and I would play a game involving lying under separate covers where we’d writhe and moan and pretend to be “DOING IT.” I have no doubt what she was doing, as the founder of the “doing it” game, was simulating sex; however, what was happening under my blanket was much different. I didn’t know what sex looked like at that point. Instead, I would peak out from my cover at hers, and I would mimic her heaving movements and breathless sounds, like an exasperated, flailing ghost. So really, I faked fake orgasms first.

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Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit: These people are cool… and I’m one of them?

I keep finding little artifacts as I slowly organize after the Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit last month, and it’s bringing back so many of the experiences I had: spanking Nina Hartley‘s glorious butt (if my hand had a resume, this would be at the top), seeing the Mr. Man in action and plotting how it can live again, drawing on Penny’s butt, burlesque and drag king hotness, hearing the inspiring speeches of the Vicki Award winners, receiving the almighty steel dildo of righteousness and orgasms: the Njoy Eleven, squishing all the new Tantus dual density and uncut beauties, pool party take over, and watching Buck Angel strip.

On top of fun, unique moments like those, there are monumental thoughts and feeling that I can’t sum up in a list or even a post because they are special in ways that break me into a oversensitive pile when I think about how to explain them. This is my attempt.

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