Quickie Review: Tantus Echo Vibrating Dildo

This is a mini review to accompany my rope harness tutorial, where you can watch me tie up the Echo in a beautiful strap-on made of rope!

 Material: 100% Silicone
Included: 3-Speed Tantus Bullet
Insertable length: 6.5″
Total length: 7.5″
Shaft diameter: 1.5″
Base Diameter: 2.625″
Descriptors: Non realistic, highly textured, harness compatible, anal safe

I’ve had the Tantus Echo for over a year now and it’s been a turbulent journey of rejection, desire, denial, and acceptance. It’s the dildo of my vaginal soap opera. You don’t need to know the full history of my torrid feels for the Echo, but I will tell you that it started with a scorn pubic bone, but I have gradually grown to appreciate the succession of firm silicone ridges.

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Review: Close2You Harmonia

Tell Me How You Really Feel
For me, the Harmonia is what some people consider a “get me into the mood” toy: something that sensually teases me into a fit of ramped sexual frustration. The Harmonia is a tricky vibrator, because it’s great size and shape make me think it can give me an orgasm and then… nothing.

– Silicone with plastic battery cap
– 8 3/4″ long
– 1″ in diameter at it’s smallest and 1.5″ at it’s largest
– 2 button built-in control pad [power and speed/function change]
– 3 steady speeds, 3 pattern vibrations
– Waterproof
– Powered by 2 AAA batteries
– Packaging can double as storage

The Good, the Bad, and the “I’ll just use my hand.”
Honestly, the only reason why I took a second look at the Harmonia when scrolling through pages of sex toys, was the vibrant chartreuse color [it’s always a nice surprise to see sex toys that aren’t pink or, my least favorite sex toy color, lavender *hisses*]. Beyond the color, I like the smooth design: no unnecessary elements or added texture to distract from it’s intentions as a g-spot toy. And because of the sleek shape and silicone body, it’s easy to clean. There are no crevasses for any fluids to build up in or around so you just wash it with some soap and water/ toy cleaner or stick it in the dish washer. Can’t complain about that. The Harmonia does have 2 seams though. Thankfully, they’re soft and I don’t notice them when using the Harmonia vaginally, but I can feel them under my fingers.


What I love about this vibrator is the shape. The girth is not enough to give me a feeling of fullness, but the shape allows my vagina to tighten around the thinner mid-section and really feel the girth of the head. Unfortunately [womp womp], this center portion is flexible, making it hard to position the vibe where I want it. On a sex toy where the entire shaft is rigid, there are some simple laws that you know the toy will abide by, and you can use them to maneuver it where you’d like. For example, you can push the base down and be confident that the head will push up, putting more pressure on the g-spot. When you push down on the Harmonia, it just bends against the vaginal wall and the head stays almost exactly where it began.

Some people say that this flexibility is an asset, allowing you to bend the shaft upwards so the head is inside you and the base is against your clitoris. I thought that was interesting, until I tried it and it felt like someone was jabbing my vagina with a spoon. When the base was bent to touch my clitoris, the head pushed down against my vaginal wall, which defeats the point of the Harmonia as a g-spot toy and causes a slightly unpleasant FUCKING OUCH feeling. I did try using this vaginally while bending it back to stimulate my perineum, but when it did stimulate my perineum, it didn’t reach my g-spot and vice versa.

The most memorable (positive) thing about the Harmonia though is that this thing finds my g-spot like, “Damn!” Usually when I reach for a g-spot toy, I go for glass, so I’m impressed with how much g-spot pressure I get from this silicone vibe. The shape of the head somehow fits perfectly against my g-spot. Unfortunately, here comes the “but”… The problem arises when I try to thrust the Harmonia, or even just rock it against my g-spot because the bulbous head creates a tugging, like there’s a hook stuck in my vagina. It feels fucking phenomenal at first, but pretty soon, the feeling becomes slightly irritating… and then really irritating. I thought we were a g-spot match! I was ready to start planning my g-spots marriage to this toy, and then the fishhook effect happened. A lot of people are going to be all about the Harmonia’s g-spot stimulation; it’s a great shape, but it just doesn’t work entirely for me.


Wait, it vibrates too?
The fact that I almost forgot to write about the Harmonia’s vibrations says something (about the toy, not my terrible memory). The Harmonia is not the weakest vibe I’ve experienced, but I was hoping for much more power. Since the head of the Harmonia locks into my g-spot like Excalibur, a strong, deep vibration would feel fantastic! Unfortunately, I barely feel the vibrations internally, just some dull buzzing. And as I increase the speed, I actually feel them less!

A positive thing about these vibrations is that they travel through the entire shaft and head of the Harmonia. This is nice if you’re into generalized vibrations over a larger area, because you can run the entirety of Harmonia’s shaft over your genitals and feel the vibrations consistently. For me, concentrated vibrations are what get me off, so when I use this toy as an external vibrator, I just use the tip against my clitoris. Although, this is where that flexible middle of the toy makes things difficult again, because unless I’m using two hands: one to hold the Harmonia and the other to press it against my clit, whenever I try to add pressure, the bendy-shaft is like, “NOPE!” DAMN YOU bendy-shaft, another orgasm sabotaged!

However, I did find one of the vibration functions to be fantastic, which is strange because for the most [always] part, patterns annoy the hell out of me. I would describe it like a pleasurable Morse code: pulses of vibration that fluctuate in length from long buzzes to very short jolts. When I discovered how much I enjoyed this pattern, I thought, “This is it, I’m going to cum a magical fountain of YES tonight!” [not that enthusiastic, but hopeful none-the-less] I was wrong again though. As much as I tried this vibrator: vaginally, clitorally, vibe on/vibe off, thrusting, bending, low, high, everything… I still couldn’t get off. This toy definitely teased me, but in a sad, exhaustive, DIY-ending kind of way.

Closing Statement:
The Harmonia is great in theory, as well as in the execution of the design elements, but everything together doesn’t do much for me. Actually it does a lot for me, but none of it results in me cumming. The Harmonia will be fantastic for a lot of people, unfortunately I’m not one of them.

Also, check out the promotional image for the Harmonia. HAHA. I would really like to be assured that this is some sort of company inside-joke, but sadly, I think I’m wrong. “BOOP!”