Sex Toy Hibernation Tips

dildos on heating padFor me, winter is an evil and unwanted kind of temperature play. It’s a season where the Magic Wand often stays in my drawer because it’s not blanket burrito compatible, and since nobody has invented the Mitten-doe, I’ve acquired some tricks to using sex toys when it seems too cold to move.

1. Heating pads are your friend. You often hear that glass and steel toys are perfect for temperature play because you can pop them in a bowl of warm water and they’ll hold that temperature. However, if you’re already spooning your heating pad, you can use it as a beautiful blanket for your cold toys as well. Don’t try this on toys with a motor because I feel like science would tell you that’s not a good idea, but glass toys can use a little jacket since they’re always so damn cold. Above, I’ve got the Njoy Eleven, The Ursa Glass Dildo, and the Njoy Pure Plug (medium).

two vibrators2. Toys with an internal heating pad. I’ve heard banging things about the L’Amourose Rosa Rouge, and one of my favorite work horse vibes, the Wahl massager, has a heated version. I suggest their non-heated counterparts year-round, but ’tis the season for doing everything to escape the frigid temperatures (unless you’re in Australia, then I’m sorry; I hope you have an ice bed). If you want to go low-tech, you can fill the dildos and plugs in the Ceramix line with warm water to keep your genitals cozy.

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