The Top Drawer: My Favorite Toys

Most of my toys are housed in a three tiered plastic storage cabinet, which I’ve organized using the cut-throat method of playing favorites. These are the chosen few that have made it into the coveted top drawer.



We-Vibe Tango
I lied, this isn’t in my top drawer, it’s in my nightstand so it can be as close to my bed as possible without me sewing a tango-shaped pocket into my pillow. It’s the size of your average bullet vibe but it’s definitely not weak, not even close.
La’Amorose Rosa
Usually my feelings for internal vibes ranges from “meh” to “well, this is annoying,” but the Rosa has some of the rumbliest vibrations I’ve ever felt that have seemingly awoken my vagina to internal vibrations.


Fun Factory Stronic Eins
This machine of a toy deserves it’s own category because it’s really unlike any other toy. It “thrusts” back and forth using magic AKA magnets, which means I can be super lazy and avoid wrist cramps while still having my g-spot stroked. There’s also a Stronic with texture and one that’s butt safe.



Tantus O2 Adam
This is my go-to cock: it’s girthy but not too large, semi-realistic, made of smooth soft silicone, with a nice curve to hit the g/p-spot but not inhibit thrusting.
NY Toy Collective Shilo
The Shilo is a posable dildo, meaning you can bend it all which ways which allows for smooth fucking and the option of packing it too. Also, crazy cool colors and a variety of skin tone options. Also also, it’s so cool I made a video starring it.
Tantus Sport
This little, unassumingly smooth and simple dildo is super versatile. I love it for anal play, g/p-spotting, warming up to move on to larger toys, all that good stuff.
Ursa Glass Dildo
99.9 percent of the time when I think about using a glass dildo, I think about the Ursa. The size and weight are filling, it has a nice curve, plus a handle!


Fuze Triton
The Triton fits my butt perfectly. It’s so comfy and easy to insert, but I still feel a fullness from it.



The apple of my lube eye… that sounds gross actually, but what I want to say is that no matter how many lubes I try, I always come back to Sliquid. My favorites being Sea and H2O, but I love Sassy for when I want something thicker and Silk for when I need a lube that lasts longer.
Tantus Plunge Paddle
The Plunge is a silicone flogger that has the perfect amount of thud and sting for me. It’s what I point to most often when I’m asking for a pretty, red butt.
SpareParts Tomoi Harness
Brief style harnesses are so dreamy because it’s like “let me slip into something more bangable. BOOM, we good!” The Tomboi is a simple style, but it’s the most sturdy and durable underwear-style harness I’ve tried. Check my butt… and my front out in it here.