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that’s how podcasts work, right?

I had the pleasure of hanging out with a sex educator and two comedians to entertain an audience with our commentary, stories, questions, and answers about sex toys. AKA 4-Play! Baltimore. In the nature of technology, they recorded the full show [we talk about why the Rabbit Habbit resembles Darth Vader, how to hack a vibrator, reasons not to buy sex toys on Amazon, and a bunch of other fun stuff] as well as a pre-show interview, so you can listen to all the witty banter and nervous giggles (that’s mostly me).

Photo: We look like a boy band, dressed in all black #worldtour. I’m the person second from the right, in between Jacq Jones (right) of Sugar, and professional funny humans: Kathryn Carlson (left), and Prescott Gaylord (left left).

I wrote for someone else, once.

I was going to write about “sex toy life hacks” for the blog, but instead I wrote it for my local city paper’s yearly sex issue. Check it! Also, check out the entire sex issue, because it’s wonderful.