Review: Oxyd Creations Bike Tube Harness

black rubber Oxyd Creations strap-on harness laying flat on a light blue velvet materialTell Me How You Really Feel

If this was the unconventional material challenge on a sex-nerd Project Runway, the Oxyd Creations harness would take it, hands down. That program (sadly?) doesn’t exist, but this kick-ass harness made out of recycled bike tubes does, and it’s impressive. Beyond the style, it’s gorgeously made, comfortable, and multi-functional, but the rubber that contributes many of these pros also comes with a property that some might not enjoy.

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Strap-On Rope Harness Tutorial

I’m still relatively new to rope play, but this was the first thing I learned after basic knots and restraints. It’s taught in Lee Harrington’s book, Shibari You Can Use, and I learned through online tutorials like this video by MsLadyWednesday and this variation by Lori. When I posted a photo of my first attempt, some of you seemed interested in a tutorial, so I spent a lot of time learning and practicing (and figuring out how to actually create a tutorial), and finally, here it is! Instructions for a secure, cute, fully functional strap-on rope harness.

If you prefer something with more written instructions and less 80s inspired music, that’s below!
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