Including Kink in Masturbation & Self Care

A bundle maroon rope, two clothes pins, an njoy steel butt plug, silicone paddle, rainbow colored crop, metal chain, bottle of lube, and a glass bowl of two cacti restng on a dimly lit window sill.Conversations about sex toys and masturbation often center around vibrators, dildos, anal toys, and strokers, but it’s less often that people mention kink tools. Granted, that’s a broooooad category, but kinks don’t only exist when partners are around, so they can absolutely be part of someone’s solo sex practices. Many folks negotiate masturbation protocol in their D/s relationships, watch related porn, and truly any sex toy can be kinky if it’s part of your kinks [e.g. Bex’s Pure Plug or fantasy dildos]. It took me a long time to understand that masturbation doesn’t have to focus solely on genitals and orgasms, unless you want it to. Sure, sometimes all I want is to mash the Magic Wand Rechargeable against my vulva before falling asleep, but these are the ways I incorporate my kinks into masturbation and self care, when I feel like it.

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