Strap-On Hack: Easily Fit a Dildo Through an O-Ring

Finally, a video that doesn’t feature my crotch! It’s a thing, check for yourself. However, it does show you how to prepare something for your crotch.

People often describe prepping for strap-on sex as awkward, and that’s reasonable, especially when adjusting to a new harness with a plethora of straps and snaps and velcro. Once you’ve done it a handful of times though (or decided to use a brief-style harness), things move a lot quicker. Even as someone who’s done this many, many times, there’s still one thing that hangs me up: fitting a (often large) dildo through an O-ring.

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Packing Video and Review: New York Toy Collective Carter

New York Toy Collective CarterTell Me How You Really Feel

The New York Toy Collective Carter is my engagement cock. My partner proposed to me with a ring and I said yes with a dildo. Mostly, the Carter showed up in the mail at a reeeaaally opportune time, but we had both been lusting after it since trying the NYTC Shilo, so wrapping it in a box and presenting it to her as my “yeah, I’ll do the marriage thing with you,” was pretty ideal. Since then, it’s become one of my most used dildos.

This is by far my most requested video, so let’s get right into it…

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Strap-On Rope Harness Tutorial

I’m still relatively new to rope play, but this was the first thing I learned after basic knots and restraints. It’s taught in Lee Harrington’s book, Shibari You Can Use, and I learned through online tutorials like this video by MsLadyWednesday and this variation by Lori. When I posted a photo of my first attempt, some of you seemed interested in a tutorial, so I spent a lot of time learning and practicing (and figuring out how to actually create a tutorial), and finally, here it is! Instructions for a secure, cute, fully functional strap-on rope harness.

If you prefer something with more written instructions and less 80s inspired music, that’s below!
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Review: Shilo by NY Toy Collective (Part 2: Packing)

This is the second half of my review of the Shilo by New York Toy Collective [find the first part here]. This half is more of an overview of my experience packing with the Shilo.

I mildly freaked out my partner by removing all the furniture from the living room and most of my clothes from the drawers to bring you this video of me air humping in a onesie… I mean, showing you how the Shilo looks under different clothing types, so check it out:

I’d never packed before the Shilo, over and above tucking my hard dildo into a pair of sweats so I could get pizza from the delivery person, and although I don’t think I will start packing regularly, I love having the option to bring my cock with me so that I am ready for any cock-related events that might take place.

The Shilo isn’t intended to pack without a harness: its base is too large to sit well against the body without support. I prefer wearing it with a brief style harness like the one in this video, the SpareParts TomBoi, because it feels like wearing underwear (with a bonus cock holder), but any dildo harness you feel comfortable in will work.

I’m drawn to a more discrete look when packing, and since I’m mildly paranoid about roaming dick syndrome, I like the Shilo to be pressed snug against my body, but the Shilo can also be less subtle and even a huge show-off too. It’s all in the way you pack beacause different positions provide different looks and feels:

Tucking the Shilo between the thighs: For me, this is the most discrete option, especially with a pair of snug underwear over top to keep the Shilo from escaping the thigh hold.
Bending the Shilo to the side, into the leg band of the harness: This is pretty discrete under looser clothing and and doesn’t need an added layer of underwear to keep it secure, but I feel uncomfortable wearing it for a long period of time as my paranoia keeps thinking that the tight band is somehow going to turn to razor blades and decapitate my cock… or something along those line [I’m sure Freud would have something to say about that].
Tucking up into the waistband of underwear: This option lends a moderate bulge. It’s not as secure as the above options but I don’t get the same horror movie-esque feeling I had with the harness band.
Picking a pant leg: Simply tucking the Shilo down into one of the pant legs says, “Look no further for a glorious peen outline!” It’s very freeing, but you’ve got to be committed to a Jon Hamm moment.

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