Review: Twisted Monk Hemp Rope and Curiosity Kit

leg rope bondageTell Me How You Really Feel

On top of my heart eye, grabby-hands when it comes to how pretty this rope is, it also managed to change how I feel about my own abilities. Twisted Monk clearly puts a lot of care into their products, as well as making sure their customers are informed and safe, which is definitely visible in this beginner-geared kit.

The Basics

Twisted Monk’s Curiosity Kit is one of their many rope kits, and it comes with three coils of 6mm hemp or cotton rope (two 15ft, one 30ft), a pair of safety shears, and a “getting started” DVD. Sweet, sweet knowledge! This is all packaged in a plastic bag that’s sealed with care instructions.

The Good, The Bad, And My Rope Rehab

My first coil of rope was a last-ditch free shipping decision, as in, I needed to bump my order total over a certain amount to receive free shipping, and rope seemed like a good thing to spend that $6 on. It was unremarkable, mass-produced, mystery rope with plastic ends like shoelaces, and over the next few months, I watched the rope pill and the plastic caps peel off. Then, in walked (shipped?) Twisted Monk

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Monthly Loves: Sex Toy Crafts and Ejaculating Dildos

April! It’s over!

I did it, the second month of favorites! Sweet, sweet consistency! It may be the second week of May, but that’s just the type of April I had. Let’s move on to the good stuff…

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Strap-On Hack: Easily Fit a Dildo Through an O-Ring

Finally, a video that doesn’t feature my crotch! It’s a thing, check for yourself. However, it does show you how to prepare something for your crotch.

People often describe prepping for strap-on sex as awkward, and that’s reasonable, especially when adjusting to a new harness with a plethora of straps and snaps and velcro. Once you’ve done it a handful of times though (or decided to use a brief-style harness), things move a lot quicker. Even as someone who’s done this many, many handfuls of times, there’s still one thing that hangs me up: fitting a (often large) dildo through an o-ring.

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Monthly Loves: Pizza Cat Pins and Pillowy Butt Plugs

March! It’s slightly less cold.

I’ve been wanting to start posting monthly favorites for a while, but kept talking myself out of it, because I am terrible at committing to regular anythings: meals, periods, and especially reoccurring blog posts (need I mention my long overdue “Orgasm Reviews“).

However, I can’t fight the urge to share some of the art, blogs, femme things, and whatever else is giving me heart eyes at the moment. These categories will change each month with what I include, and hopefully you’ll find something rad and new.

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Packing Video and Review: New York Toy Collective Carter

New York Toy Collective CarterTell Me How You Really Feel

The New York Toy Collective Carter is my engagement cock. My partner proposed to me with a ring and I said yes with a dildo. Mostly, the Carter showed up in the mail at a reeeaaally opportune time, but we had both been lusting after it since trying the NYTC Shilo, so wrapping it in a box and presenting it to her as my “yeah, I’ll do the marriage thing with you,” was pretty ideal. Since then, it’s become one of my most used dildos.

This is by far my most requested video, so let’s get right into it…

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