Review: L’Amourose Prism VII

royal blue rabbit vibrator resting on top of a stack of records under a row of twinkle lightsTell Me How You Really Feel

If the L’Amourose Prism VII has taught me anything, it’s that it is really fucking hard to measure the distance from one’s vaginal opening to the clitoris! It’s not a measurement I was curious about until reading other reviews of this dual stimulation vibrator where the reviewer’s clit is left looking down at the VII’s external arm like “are you even trying?” As more of a stump than an arm, I see why, and yet this clit stump works for me.

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Sparkly Sex Toy Séance

glittery dildo and butt plugs on a mirror with candles

Rainy weather usually means that I hibernate rather than pick up my camera, but this time, I decided to utilize the darkness for some moody sex toy photos. It’s not the most realistic Sex Toy Still Life, as my toys don’t hang around on candlelit mirrors, but they could be holding a sex toy séance for those lost in the Toypocalypse.

In this series, you’ll find some of my favorite shiny and sparkly toys: the pink glitter Adam by Godemiche, a bejeweled plug by Crystal Delights, (the handle portion of) the Ursa clear glass dildo, the Njoy Pure Plug, and some sparkly Twisted Monk rope. Enjoy!

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Queer, Angry, and Engaged

queer marriage books card sex toysIt took me a while to say yes. Not in the minutes of my partner’s expressed love and commitment prefacing the “will you marry me,” but in the months prior, when marriage was more than a maybe in our conversations. I had a comfortable knowledge of what marriage looked like and an uncomfortable knowledge that it didn’t look like me, which made me question if I ever wanted to be married at all.

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Quickie Review: Tantus Sport Dildo

This is one reliable dildo. That’s usually a quality reserved for dogs and friends that are always down for Taco Bell, but the Tantus Sport has earned the distinction of being a dildo I can truly count on.

If you’ve been around for a while, or you skim this list of facts about my body, you know that one, I love dildos I can thrust and two, my pubic bone acts as a bridge troll to my g-spot (basically, it hangs down like a retaining wall in front of it). Because of this, it’s hard to find dildos I can thrust into oblivion that don’t raptor claw onto my pubic bone but do stimulate my g-spot. Well, the Tantus Sport is that dildo.

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