Queer, Angry, and Engaged

queer marriage books card sex toysIt took me a while to say yes. Not in the minutes of my partner’s expressed love and commitment prefacing the “will you marry me,” but in the months prior, when marriage was more than a maybe in our conversations. I had a comfortable knowledge of what marriage looked like and an uncomfortable knowledge that it didn’t look like me, which made me question if I ever wanted to be married at all.

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Quickie Review: Tantus Sport Dildo

This is one reliable dildo. That’s usually a quality reserved for dogs and friends that are always down for Taco Bell, but the Tantus Sport has earned the distinction of being a dildo I can truly count on.

If you’ve been around for a while, or you skim this list of facts about my body, you know that one, I love dildos I can thrust and two, my pubic bone acts as a bridge troll to my g-spot (basically, it hangs down like a retaining wall in front of it). Because of this, it’s hard to find dildos I can thrust into oblivion that don’t raptor claw onto my pubic bone but do stimulate my g-spot. Well, the Tantus Sport is that dildo.

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Review: Leyland Craftwork Riding Crop

Leyland Craftwork vegan riding cropI discovered Leyland Craftwork‘s Etsy store in my search from vegan BDSM gear, and what really pulled me in was all the color options. The sex toy market is saturated with pinks and purples while the BDSM market is saturated with black and occasionally red. Seeing riding crops and canes in pink, blue, red, purple, white, silver, and (after my own heart) glitter is like finding a baby unicorn. Add to that the fact that these impact toys are vegan, and it’s as if the baby unicorn flew in your window. Leyland isn’t exclusively vegan, but most of their designs are made with all synthetic materials, which are explicitly stated on the product pages.

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Review: POP Ejaculating Dildo

POP ejaculating dildoThe POP ejaculating dildo could have been the subject of a large, creepy photo collage on my wall of clipped news articles. Usually, I’m more aloof when it comes to new toys, semi-jaded from so many “revolutionary” and “ground-breaking” flops, but the POP’s collaboration between Semenette (a company focused on sanitary ejaculating dildos) and Fun Factory (a company that I already trust to make quality toys) definitely intrigued me.

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Base Love: The VixenAire Mustang

Ever since I strapped on my first cock, I’ve known the pain of a bruised mons after a hard fuck, and I’m not alone. You can even buy a tiny pillow attachment for your harness or the Sili Saddle, a silicone insert, to combat it. Although, it wasn’t until I tried the VixSkin VixenAire Mustang that I legitimately felt like my vulva was being cradled during strap-on sex instead of punched.

If you’ve seen the original Vixen Mustang (or really any dildo) you’ll notice that the Aire is a little… different. It has a very shapely base. That’s because the base holds a small pocket of air that transfers into the lower part of the shaft when pushed on. The intention is to add a pulsing sensation for the receptive partner when used during strap-on play, since the wearer’s thrusting will cause the shaft to inflate.

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